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Seriously, what do you think of redheads?


Hey guys. I've got a question for you - what do you think of redheads, particularly naturally redheaded girls? I'm a natural redhead, and many people have said that before they got to know me, they thought I was a bit scary, and twhen I asked them why, they said it was probably because of my red hair. My sister once told me about this redheaded girl in her class that she was afraid of, and I asked her why she was scary, to which my sister replied that it had something to do with the hair colour. She didn't realize that was the reason until I'd asked her what in particular was scary about the girl. Besides that, my sister, even having a redheaded sister (me), thinks almost every other redhead she's ever seen other than me is ugly. And my black-haired friend once saw me without mascara (which means my eyelashes were uber-blonde), and told me to put on mascara because I was scaring her.

So what are your impressions of natural redheads? Don't be all politically correct on me here - everyone has initial impressions of people that they can't really control. I just want to know what people's first impression of someone with bright red hair is.
Nov 21, 2007 @ 09:55 am

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Feisty Redhead

I'm totally biased

I'm a natural redhead, so I am completely biased here but I think redheads rock. ;-) I have to admit though - and I KNOW this is horrible of me - I tend to be a "redhead snob" - meaning, natural redheads rock and those who've died their hair red don't. lol

I've never been told my red hair is scary or intimidating or anything though. People comment on how beautiful the color is... and the annoying part is when they then ask what dye I use - and proceed to act put off when I tell them it's natural.

I've heard that there is some kind of unspoken bond between redheads; I have to say I think (based on my experiences) that it's true. For some reason I just tend to be able to open up more and be myself with other redheads even when I've just met them than with other people. I'm a very shy person and it takes me a long time to learn to be myself around people.... with other redheads though things just seem to "click" and I can be myself right away. *shrug*

I love being a redhead, I embrace it and flaunt it. The way I see it is, it's not going to be red forever. Some day it's going to go grey. I may as well enjoy it while I can. :D
Nov 21, 2007 @ 10:41 am

Opposite from scary...

I've found that when I first see a redhead they're someone I want to talk to, I've never be scared or intimidated by them. I think it's because I have a cousin who is a red head, and she's friendly, as well a few other redheads I've met have been really friendly, so I tend to associate most redheads with them.

Funny note...as typing this message my red-headed ex-boyfriend just IMed me, mid sentence. lol
Nov 21, 2007 @ 11:22 am

Marcia Cross is red hot!

bree van de kamp frm desperate houswives?im not sure if it's her natural hair colour but its RED and she is SO beautiful!wear clothing that compliment ur colour and style ur hair in such a way that it looks sexy...search images of marcia cross on google and u'l see all the amazing styles u cud use...most of my friends are dying to have red hair but their natural colour doen't allow it to be the red they want...b greatful,im sure u can pull it off!
Nov 22, 2007 @ 01:03 am

interesting question...

I'm trying to think what my initial reaction would be... I have 2 red-headed cousins and a red niece, so I don't think it even really hits my radar. As far as "ugly" in the first question, I know many strawberry blonds have to wear makeup to avoid the washed-out look that their light coloring naturally gives them (my red relatives are all extremely pale skinned). If you have a darker red/auburn you probably have it easier. I am blond and have thin, pale eyebrows and lashes, so never leave home without helping those out. I guess we all have features we're not totally proud about. But scary? Absolutely not. However, I don't think we're knocking back the women's movement by enhancing our looks a little with some makeup. I think every woman should take care of herself, even if all that means is neat hair and clean skin. Guys shave and gel their hair, and we don't find this sexist. But now I'm off topic... I think you know what I mean.
Nov 22, 2007 @ 07:48 am
Scents Of Peace

Red rocks

Every man I know LOVES a redhead and early Hollywood immortalized the Red Headed Bombshell - natural or not - with the use of henna.

Myself, I have red streaks with natural blond and a bit of wiry black (and a few new gray) so I enhance the red with henna, which covers the gray and deepens the black to auburn for a more interesting highlighted look my husband loves. It's naturally enhances my red tones without looking fake.

I've never been scared by a redhead nor found them abnormally bitchy. It's all how you carry yourself. I've met evil-wicked people of all hair color . . .

IMO - we're all scary without our mascara - especially if you use it heavily and then someone sees you without it . . . and for the record I about lost it when I saw a friend who is now totally gray AND henna's her hair - BUT had not kept up with it and had a major, major ( I mean major !!! ) root issue she had not addressed. Only because I didn't realize her natural hair color was NOT red, lol ! She is a beautiful red, even though her natural red left her a long time ago . . .

As said earlier - enjoy it while you have it ;-)
Nov 26, 2007 @ 08:22 pm


So speaking of reds changing to greys ... do redheads go grey to white a lot later in life than darker breeds? That is, it seems like blondes (and I'm speaking for men since I see this more in men since, I believe, there are fewer men that color their hair) kind of skip the greys and go straight onto white. It all happens quickly and seems to happen later in life. I wonder if there is any correlation or if it is just coincidence.

Btw, when I say "darker breed", I'm mostly speaking of Caucasians. It seems like Asians of all sorts, from India to Japan, age much more gracefully and slowly.
Nov 27, 2007 @ 07:15 am
Feisty Redhead

going grey

I have no idea spotty, but that is something interesting to think about. I have lots of redheaded relatives (all on my dad's side... I'm the only one on my mother's side with red hair - don't know if that'll have anything to do with it or not?) but my family's scattered across the country so I never really see any of them to know how age is affecting their color.

I have no worries about going grey no matter when or how it happens, though. I decided a long time ago I didn't want to be one of those women who freaks out and obsesses over going grey and *has* to cover it up. My whole life I've known loads of wonderful older ladies who are grey/silvery/white and I think they're all stunning. Maybe having such an influence in my life from an early age just put it into my head that grey hair is nothing to worry about. It's a perfectly normal, natural thing and I don't think I'll ever understand anyone's desire to cover it up.

I'm a strawberry blonde, in different lighting my hair can look anything from deep auburn to brighter golden red but it *always* looks dark in pictures - something to do with the flash. I have a streak of hair that is almost white blonde - it's been there my whole life and nobody ever believes me it's a natural thing. A hairdresser once told me it's called a halo and it's a very rare thing. =D
Nov 27, 2007 @ 08:17 am

other comments

I didn't mean to give the impression that i'm ashamed of my red hair - i'm not at all, I like being different. I was just wondering if people really are scared of redheads.

To Feisty Redhead - I totally agree that there's some kind of bond between redheads - whenever I see another natural redhead, we always look at each other, and I get the feeling we're both thinking, "hey, one of me!" I think it's just that we're so rare that when we see anyone else with red hair, you naturally feel connected to them, like you're related or something.

I've got coppery red hair, not auburn, but definitely not strawberry blonde. But I still have white-blonde eyebrows and eyelashes. It was hilarious when I went to MAC looking for eyebrow stuff to make my eyebrows a bit redder, and I was already wearing a pencil on them which made them a bit darker and redder, and the MAC lady thought it was my natural colour. She was all surprised when I removed it and she saw my eyebrows were blonde. She was like, "so, is your hair naturally blonde then, and you dye it red?" Funny stuff.

Redheads can look awesome with blonde eyebrows and eyelashes, though. I occasionally go au natural, but not often. But redhead models like Lily Cole and Judith Bedard look awesome with their natural blonde eyelashes and eyebrows. You have to be well-rested to make it look good, though, or you would look a bit washed out. Oh, and Cate Blanchett in Elizabeth looked good with blonde eyelashes.

I think redheads usually skip the grey phase and go straight to white. My hairdresser said I'd go white, not grey. Which is fine by me, I like white hair better than grey.

Spotty, that's a good point - I agree that Asians tend to age better than Caucasians. Why is that? Old Asian ladies always look so - I dunno, elegant and noble or something. Old Caucasian ladies just look old. Not fair.

But on guys, my favourite hair colour is BLACK. I love Japanese, Chinese, and Korean hair - black and straight, perfect!
Dec 06, 2007 @ 01:34 pm


I have never found redheads intimidating or scary but I myself have never been attracted to red heads. Then again I have only ever been attracted to brunettes. One time I was attracted to a guy with blonde hair. I have seen some beautiful red heads and some not so beautiful red heads. At the end of the day there is ugly and attractive in every hair colors.
Mar 21, 2017 @ 12:20 pm


I'm Asian and I find that "redheads" are just like everyone else. Most of the ones I meet are very nice and friendly, so does not scare me.

I guess it's also my nature, I never judge if I first meet someone. I give everyone the the benefit of the doubt until the prove me wrong.

It's also because I was always picked on for being different when I was younger that, I vowed to never to do it to others. :)
Mar 21, 2017 @ 02:15 pm

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