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Skin Purging


I've been using a new product lately- Paula's Choice BHA 2% Salicylic Acid Liquid. It's an exfoliant and I had read some amazing reviews on the product that promises to clear my skin, soothe, unclog and dimish pores. It seemed like a great product so I ordered it with no hesitation. 

I immediately started using it but started breaking out, now this was around my period so I thought it was because of this. I stopped using it in case and as my period finished and my skin cleared up, I went back to using it. I have been using it again for a week or two and I have started breaking out. Now, I am not sure if this is horomonal or if I am reacting to product or maybe my skin is purging? 

How can you tell if the product isn't for you or if its just purging? Or- is there even such a thing as purging? Has anyone used this product or something similar before? 

Here's the link for the product for the curious and I will post review once I get some results! 

Nov 25, 2013 @ 11:18 am

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I am not sure but I know a product you should try out if you are looking for clear skin! I have been using it for a month now and the results I've gotten are amazing! I use to have really oily skin but now I am more on the normal side. I hardly breakout and my pores have diminished significantly. It's called the acne.org regimen. Go to their website (acne.org) and they sell their products there. The also have a discussion board on all kinds of different acne products and whether or not they were effective. Lots of people have documented their experiences with pictures. I bought my kit and I think it's definitely my HG products for my skin care. Let me know what you think...
Nov 25, 2013 @ 04:59 pm


I don't know, if it's causing you to break out I'd say stop using it. I know personally I find anything with salicylic acid to cause me to break out. I didn't know that was the culprit for a long time because I kept trying different exfoliants and was so frustrated that none of them were working, but finally I realized they all had one thing in common: salicylic acid. Right when I stopped using them I stopped breaking out, although my skin still had uneven texture. I've since graduated to serums, and they really work. I've been using Philosophy When Hope Is Not Enough Serum (just wrote a review on it) and I've noticed my skin has improved so much in just 2 weeks. Now if I do break out I spot treat with Benzoyl Peroxide and my blemish is gone in a day or two.
Nov 26, 2013 @ 11:47 pm


I know that after i get a facial and my pores are super clear i always breakout really badly. This might be the same kind of thing, where any oil or bacteria from your makeup, hands, or your clothing/sheets will clog up your newly opened pores, causing acne. In that case i would recommend a good toner and lotion immediatley after you exfoliate, so you dont have that problem. I would of course recommend lush tea tree water toner and one of their face lotions like imperialis or enzymion, just because that is what i am familiar with and they work great on my acne-prone skin.
Nov 30, 2013 @ 09:30 am

How is it?

Did you decide to keep using it Alex?

I have a simple plan for reactions (since so much clogs my skin!)... I stop for 2-3 days. Then I begin using it every second day for a few days. Then every day 1x a day for a few days and then up to full-regular applications. I like to acclimatize so I can see what triggers my skin's reaction.

Having said this - I'm really interested in your review of this product since it's 2% (as long as the acid is not buffered, it's the strength I want!) and not tested on animals. Salicylic is magic for congested skins like mine!
Dec 05, 2013 @ 12:23 pm

Soooo far.......

@tashacat I decided to keep with it and try and see how it turned out and I'm happy to report that I haven't been breaking out. I think when I did beak out, it was either horomonal or maybe a reaction to first using it but since then it's been fine. I actually did something similar to what you suggested as well. I used it sparingly, then a few times a week and then once a day. Now I am alternating between twice a day and once a day. I'm going to give it another week before I write a full review but I think I'm liking this product. I highly recommend giving Paula's Choice a try as well!
Dec 06, 2013 @ 10:10 am

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