St. Ives Apricot Facial Scrub


After reading so many great reviews and being #1 facial scrub I'm considering switching to St. Ives, currently use one from Olay, but first I would like to get some advice on weather to try or not and which one would be best for me since they have different options. I have dry, acne prone skin and lately it has been feeling dryer than ever before and have flaky skin all over my face I can't get rid of. I usually exfoliate twice a week, wondering if that's ok or how many times would it be ok to exfoliate since I have dry skin...?

Also Proactiv has helped me with my acne but it's also very drying so I will stop using it and I'm trying to go the more natural way so any at home remedies for acne are welcome :)

Read also that St. Ives scrub helps with blemishes so I need advice on weather to try it or make an at home facial scrub to exfoliate instead...?
Apr 30, 2010 @ 11:25 pm

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Ali de Bold

Too coarse

Personally, I find St. Ives too coarse. The granules are larger than average and it's too much for my sensitive skin. However it is inexpensive so if you want to test it for yourself, that's the best way to know if it is right for you.

In general, you shouldn't exfoliate more than twice a week. Since you have extremely dry skin, I'm curious to know what you use as a moisturizer?

An at home scrub can never hurt. You can try oatmeal with egg white and honey or brown sugar and olive oil. I find that when my skin is giving me grief if I switch to natural products it recovers quickly.
May 03, 2010 @ 11:04 am

I agree

I loved St Ives for years when I was a teen, but these days I find it just a little too abrasive. I think a big part of the reason many love it is ease of use, cheap price point, and delicious apricoty smell. However, in my experience it delivers the same results as many other exfoliants.

Since you mention dryness, you should try a honey scrub like Ali mentioned. If you haven't already done so, click over to this forum thread specifically on honey - we are all huge fans :) A honey mask or wash should improve your skin moisture levels and fight blemishes while delivering a wonderful clean that tastes yummy on the lips! Adding oatmeal as an exfoliant will get the results you want but in a softer, less abrasive way.

May 03, 2010 @ 01:39 pm

Aveeno Positively Radiant Moisturizer

I just went out and purchase Cetaphil cream moisturizer to give it a try but I was using one from Aveeno. Aveeno moisturizer wasn't doing it for me, it got too thick for me and wasn't absorbing on my skin good and would leave it feeling dry still. I would wake up in the morning and my skin had flakes already, it's just so uncomfortable.

For the first time I applied Cetaphil moisturizer last night and so far it's feelling good, woke up this morning and my skin is not flaky, I'll see how it keeps going.

They told me to try Oil of Olay and Cetaphil but ended up going for Cetaphil. Hope I made a good purchase this time but now I feel curious about Oil of Olay on how it would've work on my skin. Was also told it gives you a nice tan.

Any advice on Oil of Olay....?
May 03, 2010 @ 02:28 pm


Ever since you girls told me here on ChickAdvisor to use honey I been doing it. I apply it and leave it on for 15 min then rinse. I've tried also the avocado and honey mask and I love it, it left my skin glowing and didn't feel tight. I'm leaving behind products like Proactiv cleanser and toner, still using the repairing lotion though. I'm using green tea as a toner instead, read it was perfect for acne prone skin and I know honey is too and it has worked great cause I don't break out as much, wen I do I apply toothpaste on the spot and it helps in drying it out and doesn't get bigger so that has helped me a lot to not want to pop them.

I'm trying to go more the natural way and will probably be exfoliating with home remedies instead.

It's hilarious though wen my kids see me like mom what is all that stuff you have on your face, lol...

Thanks again Ali and mamaluv. :)
May 03, 2010 @ 02:52 pm

Aloe Vera

My mom keeps an aloe vera plant in the house and always rips open a leaf and bandaids it to my face or my sisters if we've got a bad pimple.

I know most people probably don't keep an aloe vera plant at arm's reach, but if you can you definitely should. Or use any natural aloe vera products and tea tree oils.

I dealt with acne for many years, I used Proactiv as well, and really only enjoyed using the repairing lotion.

If you have dry skin I would stay away from any scrubs for your face, stick with natural remedies or try vichy foaming facial cleansers. They are incredibly gentle and soft on your skin, and won't cause any of the flaking that you had.

And I was the same way with my mom, always wondering what was on her face. She is all about her home remedies, she uses honey as well, but she often washes her face with soy milk.
Jun 08, 2010 @ 02:52 pm

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