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For my personally, I am the kind of person who does like
wearing makeup however during the Summer I find it really difficult. I
personally sweat on the face a lot during the summer which sucks. So it’s
difficult wearing foundation especially or anything heavy on the face. There
are a lot of foundations that help with oil absorbing however after my research
I found wearing mineral or powder based foundations are definitely better than
liquid. Also with my skin type I tend to breakout a lot during the Summer time
as well, this is the most difficult part for me. These are some of the tips I
learned throughout my years.

I learned wearing a hydrating moisturizer at least 35 SPF
which is oil and grease free feels very nice on my skin. Also I found a great
sunscreen for the summer that targets acne prone skin.

Apply a primer to your face right after moisturizer this is
because whatever you apply to your face such as concealer or foundation will glide
on the face smoothly.

For me, I really like Estee Lauders Clear Difference
Complexion Perfecting BB Creme SPF 35 and Estee Lauders Double Wear Mineral
Rich Loose Powder. I have been using these two and found them to be really
good. Also I have been using the NYX Stay Matt But Not Flat Powder. I found
these 3 products for me worked really well.

I found that using blotting paper is extremely important. It
is definitely better than repowdering throughout the day. Everyone should carry
oil-blotting sheets in your purse. Make sure to dab over your face because it
will soak up excess oil without messing up your makeup. My favourite blotting
paper is so far the NYX Tea Tree Blotting Paper: which provide a refreshing,
antiseptic burst of tea tree is infused in these bright orange blotting papers
to rapidly control oily areas while leaving makeup intact.

I can't stress this enough, everyone should be wearing waterproof mascara, eyeliners and cream based eye-shadows. These last longer on the face and don't smudge or streak all over the face. So far I love L'Oreal mascaras, eyeliner and eyeshadows. Found them the most easy to work with and longevity on the face.

Lastly wash your face morning and night with a proper skin
care regime. I like using refreshing products that target acne prone skin and
provide enough hydration to the skin.

I would love to learn about more summer makeup tips from
everyone here.  And also share some of
your summer make nightmare stories. >_<

Jun 22, 2014 @ 07:50 pm

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Less is better

During the summer I find it is better to use either a lot less makeup or at least something a little lighter. Your eye shadow and mascara can be the same but if you use foundation you need to use something very light, not heavy or greasy. Generally in the summer we tend to get a bit of natural tan which in turn give our face a natural glow. A bit of highlighter and blush and that is all you should need.
Jun 23, 2014 @ 02:56 am


Long lasting Blush (Cream Blushes) rub your pointer finger over the blush, blot it on the back of your hand, then gently tap onto the fullest part of your cheeks. Tip: Blend fast since it sets quickly.

Joise Maran - cheek gelee (contains coconut water to hydrate for up to 14 hours)
Maybelline - Bouncy (lightweight formula)
Make up Forever - HD Blush (silk-like texture)
e.l.f cosmetics - HD Blush (Vitamin E-rich formula nourishes the cheeks)

BB Cream (instead of Foundation) rub a small dab between your hands, then spread it all over skin as if you're putting on face cream. For more coverage use some powder to set the foundation or leave it as is some people also just dab a bit more on troubled areas like the under eye area or dark spots. (A little goes a long way!)

Bb creams (Practically a tinted moisturizer) usually offer an all in one moisturizer, anti-anger, and sunscreen. Also they have less wax than reg. foundations which also means less chance of a melting face.

Garnier - Skin BB Cream
Too faced - Tinted beauty balm
Missha M - Perfect Cover BB cream
(Any) Etude House - BB creams

Bronzer (If you want that natural glow and tan look)
e.l.f - mineral glow
Hard candy - so baked bronzer
Smashbox - bronzer lights

-Long lasting eye liner
-Water proof smudge proof mascara
-Eye shadow shimmery warm tones are perfect for the summer and make you look more natural and subtle rather than dark tones which are preferably for night outs.
-Lips since natural is the look i like putting on a tinted balm or you can spice up your look with a lipstick that offers a vibrant floral or orangey red tone.

Always put on a setting spray after putting on your make-up
it helps keep your make-up on longer so you wont have to do touch up every so often.

Jul 08, 2014 @ 05:30 pm

to keep your eyeliner from running

apply the same colour eyeshadow over top to set the liner and help it stay in place all day without committing to the three day wear of 'waterproof' varieties.
Jul 14, 2014 @ 10:24 pm

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