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Taking the Plunge --- What Do You Think?


Hi everyone!

So, I've been thinking of getting semi-permanent eyebrows done! Yikes! I know, it's risky but I am SO SO sick and tired of filling in my eyebrows in the mornings and going to bed without them. My eyebrows aren't horrible, they are a little sparse in the inner corners and that's mostly the reason why I want them done. But, I live in New Brunswick and I don't know of any places that has someone who is a specialist in this area or where to look? They are all in the UK... I was wondering what you have to say about this, any advise (especially the from people who have had it done), and if anyone has any recommendations would be extremely appreciated!! Thanks so much chickies :)
Dec 11, 2011 @ 12:38 pm

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Permanent Eyebrows

I haven't had it done but I know people who have- a friend of the family in her 50's got it done because as she grew older her eyebrows grew more sparse.

She too decided she was tired of filling them in so she had them tattooed on. I always thought it would look fake but I was surprised at the results!

The first few days it looked a bit funny- the area was a bit red, but mostly it looked it like she had just had her eyebrows freshly waxed.

She had the tattooing done a few months back now and they still look good. They look natural and not at all over done.

I think that make up tattooing as come a long way since the 80's and it is much more natural looking that it once was. I think they trick is not to over do it, choose a colour close to your own and making sure that the shape isn't too arched or fake.
Dec 11, 2011 @ 06:10 pm

Thanks For The Reply

Hi alexjc,
I was wondering if you happened to know where she got her eyebrows done or even what the person's name was who did them? I'm doing a lot of research before I get it done (that is if I don't pull out) and love to see her/his work if I could. Thanks again for the reply. Every bit helps!
Dec 11, 2011 @ 09:39 pm

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