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The "Best" skin care for Late 20s


I'm in the market for a new age fighting skin care routine/products and would love to know what you ladies suggest.  I'm reading a lot about what's good for anti aging and have come to the conclusion that the two most essential preventive treatments is to keep your skin well moisturized and have a really good sunscreen on at ALL TIMES.  I've also had a lot of complicated words thrown at me such as collagen, retinol, vitamins, anti oxidants, ceramides, etc. I have a hard time sitting and reading through gibberish ingrediants and figuring out which product has most of what I need and buying that.  Which product will actually work vs which claims to work but doesn't.  So as usual I'm turning to the chickies here to guide me :)

Can you ladies please tell me:

What's your skin type
What do you use (specific product names)
Why you use those products, how does it help you, etc.

My skin type is Dry.  In the recent past I've used Clinique 3step.  I'm currently not using any creams but am desperately searching for one and would really appreciate your input.
Feb 03, 2011 @ 05:42 pm

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