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The Curly Girl Method for Curly Hair, Tips for Curly Hair?


If you are a 'curly girl' like myself, this is a must read: 

My curly hair gets so dry and it is so unmanageable sometimes. Do you have curly hair? What are some of your tips and tricks?
Jul 27, 2012 @ 04:00 pm

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I have naturally curly hair and I have been doing almost all of these things for a really long time. I only use conditioner, only use a wide toothed comb, and air dry my hair. I really have noticed a difference. My advice for switching to conditioner is that it really helps with frizz and your hair will feel so much softer, but it does take a while for your hair to get used to it and it might be really dry or really greasy at first, but stick with it and don't give in to the temptation to shampoo because that just erases all of your progress!

I also try not to put a lot of product in my hair, but one thing that I do that really makes a difference is just putting mousse in my hair when it is wet, it really holds the curl all day.

This article had a really good tip about not getting your hair cut when it is wet. I totally made that mistake a couple months ago. I got a really tiny bit trimmed off when it was wet and later I was like "Why does my hair feel so much shorter?" I usually get it straightened before I get it trimmed in the salon and I think that really helps and I feel that your hair is cut more evenly, although I know a lot of people who have curly hair that would disagree because they say you will get a better cut if you get it done when it is curly.

Also I really should start rinsing my hair in cold water and drying with a old t-shirt. I might start as of now...
Jul 30, 2012 @ 05:35 am

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