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Is it customary to tip your aesthetician or hairdresser directly? I used to add the tip on the credit card slip or machine but I recently went to a new place for a leg wax and didn't have that option when I went to pay. So should I have left a monetary tip? And how much is considered an acceptable tip? I never know if I'm tipping enough or too much. What do you girls do?
Feb 09, 2008 @ 04:51 pm

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Ali de Bold


We've talked about tipping a few times on and off but it keeps popping up as I think everyone is still confused and the rules keep changing. So many people to tip but how much is enough?

For your situation, yes I would have left a cash tip. Just because the machine doesn't give you that option doesn't mean you are off the hook. This can be really frustrating when you are short on cash. In the future I would ask up front if you can add a tip to your debit or visa. It is customary to tip about 15% for aesthetics.
Feb 09, 2008 @ 05:05 pm

Yes, I usually tip

I leave about 15-20% tip, depending on the quality of the service. (If I was unhappy with the service, I'd leave maybe 5-10% depending on how bad my experience was.) I usually put the tip on the credit card too, but I do try to remember to carry some cash on me when I go b/c I have ran into situations where they won't let me leave the tip through credit card. But I always leave a tip one way or another.

One time, I went to a massage therapy center and I noticed they didn't do tips on credit card. So I asked the girl if it's ok I give her cash instead and she said no, it's not necessary. In fact, so she was so insistent that it wasn't necessary that I actually left without leaving a tip. I felt pretty bad afterwards, so the next time I went, I left her tips for both sessions. :P

Someone told me once that you don't need to tip if the person is the owner of the store. I don't know how true that is...I always feel awkward not leaving a tip esp since if that person has done a good job.

Feb 09, 2008 @ 05:10 pm

what about hair stylist

Just recently I got a color/cut for about $100. 15% would be 15 bucks - that's crazy - I paid enough for the job. I can't remember what the exact amount was but I rounded up and I think the tip ended up being about $5. You guys still think 15% applies here? For restaurants sure, but a hair stylist?
My old aesthetician was the owner, she had no-one else working for her and there was a tip section on the credit card slip so I always tipped. I never heard about not tipping the business owner. Hmm.
At the new aestheticians it was a strange senario. There were 2 ladies working there, I didn't know which one was the owner but I guessed the older one and when I was done (the younger one worked on me) we went up to the front and I expected to pay then but she said, no [insert name here] does all the transactions, wait until she comes up front and pay with her, and then she kinda waited and I said ok, thanks. Then she left. I didn't realize until after that there was nowhere to tip with the credit card machine. I felt akward at that point and it dawned on me later that she was probably waiting for the tip. I want to go back there, so far I like it. Now I know. I'll have to make up for it at my next visit. I feel so stupid.
Feb 09, 2008 @ 07:45 pm
Ali de Bold

Hair Stylist

Don't feel stupid. You are not alone. What's stupid is that the service sector relies on the customer to tip excessively to help their employees pay their bills. Personally I would rather have the tip included and pay more than worry that I gave them enough of a tip. It is no longer a thank you for good service, it is expected.

For hair salons, 15% is pretty standard plus $3 - $5 for the person who washes your hair. Yes, I agree this is insane. I get my hair done every 5 weeks because it grows so fast and I inherited my Mom's premature gray (had it since I was 17) so I feel your pain.

As for tipping the owner, you really don't have to. The purpose of the tip is that the employee isn't making that much money from the service. The owner will get a cut from all the services or the stylist is renting their chair (or some combination - someone correct me if I'm wrong), so the tip is an extra boost for the employee. However, I have gotten aesthetics from an owner in the past and tipped because it would have felt wrong not to.

I don't mind to tip for good service in any sector I just would prefer instead to pay a higher price and have it all included than be expected to shell out a certain percentage of cash.
Feb 10, 2008 @ 12:40 am

I didn't know

Coming from a small island I didn't know that tipping was required in these places. I always tipped in restaurants, and in cabs, but never honestly thought about tipping the person who does my hair! I should have thought about it, but never did. It wasn't until my sister said she got a fabulous haircut and gave the girl a big tip for it that I realized I hadn't been tipping!

Now I always tip. Even if I have a gift certificate to the spa I walk with extra money as a tip for the person. I once had a 4 hour spa day and it was so fantastic, that girl definitely deserved her tip, even if it was my birthday present.

I have settled down in terms of a hair salon. I believe in supporting the people in my neighbourhood and so go to these 2 Spanish sisters who are so much fun. They really know their customers and the gossip is wonderful. Even though they own the salon I always tip, because they do a good job, they remember who i am, and I am always happy with the work they do.

Also, not tipping is dangerous. I worked as a waitress for years and I KNEW who the good/bad tippers were, I had those names memorized! Not that I think they would ever give me a bad haircut on purpose, but do I really want to be known as the cheap girl that comes in twice a year?!!!
Mar 06, 2008 @ 09:53 am


I tip gas boys. I appreciate them pumping my gas in -40 ° C !
I tip my hairdresser. She does a good job. I go to her house, so sometimes I just bring wine!
With everything, if its a good product/service you are going to pay more. If someone goes beyond their duties or provides a service that you like or enjoy you should tip them accordingly. I tip 15%. Don't feel bad about the credit card thing. Most places have that option and if you go back there again, give them a liitle extra next time.
Mar 08, 2008 @ 05:17 pm

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