Titanic Memories


April 12th marked 104 years since the sinking of the Titanic.This weekend I watched countless actual footage and info about this topic.As would be expected,there are many discrepancies between the accounts of survivors and the movie that was made.I saw so many jewels retrieved from the wreck and other artifacts.This was so informative for me and I truly enjoyed it all.
Apr 17, 2016 @ 08:53 am

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I absolutely enjoyed the movie. So sad though.
Apr 17, 2016 @ 09:28 am


I love the movie as I've seen it so many times. I haven't seen too many documentaries about the actual ship though I would love to watch some. It is so sad that this actually happened.
Apr 17, 2016 @ 12:09 pm


If you're interested in seeing any documentaries, you can see so much on utube.
Apr 17, 2016 @ 03:29 pm


Such a tragic event so many lost lives. Very said. I have also over the years seen many documentary's about the Titanic. The movie I thought was so well done special effects were amazing. It was so interesting that they made it a love story. I still cry when I see the ending. Will be a classic and watched for many years to come. Good Post.
Apr 17, 2016 @ 04:05 pm


One of the best things about the movie is because of the robot that Cameron funded we got to see the amazing footage of the real Titanic underwater.

It's so sad that so many died, but enough time has passed that we can see the lessons we've (hopefully) learned from it.
Apr 17, 2016 @ 04:35 pm


One of my fav!! Love this movie
Apr 17, 2016 @ 05:46 pm


A great and very well done movie. I enjoyed it very much. My husband and I often watch documentaries on the subject and were even lucky enough to see a Titanic Exhibit (stuff that was removed from the wreckage) when it came to town.
Apr 17, 2016 @ 06:13 pm


It was a very well done movie. I loved seeing real footage of the Titanic where it lies. Ice watched a few documentaries on it and it is a very interesting subject but so very sad as well. What a horrible tragedy. The most moving scene in the movie(for me) is when the band is playing 'Nearer my God to thee' and you see the old couple laying in bed together as their room fills up with water.
Apr 17, 2016 @ 10:12 pm


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Apr 18, 2016 @ 09:56 am

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