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want to have my hair more hydrated


does anybody know any good tricks
Oct 02, 2014 @ 11:18 am

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healthy hair

My hairdresser tells me that my hair is very healthy, i hope this helps

Use a leave in hair conditioner
Try not to wash your hair everyday (if you can), maybe every 2 days.. Use a dry shampoo instead
Oct 02, 2014 @ 02:57 pm

Hydration Station

I agree with "healthy hair!" The more you wash your hair, the more dry and brittle it actually gets! Try every other day or every 2 days, and wear your hair in a bread if you find it getting to unmanageable by that second day. I also recommend using a deep conditioning treatment, which does wonders for my hair. You leave it on your hair for about five minutes, and then rinse it out to find your locks will already be shiny! These treatments not only hydrate your hair, but they soften it too (and make your hair smell delicious).

You can find many at places like Shopper's Drug Mart & Trade Secrets. You can even make it at home with ingredients found in the kitchen!
Oct 03, 2014 @ 10:11 am

where do I start....

I have long hair (mid back-length) and colour treated, so my hair needs a lot of TLC. Here are the tips I use:

1) Wash as rarely as possible. This is a hair training exercise, but I'm at about a 5-day cycle. I really could stretch it to once per week but generally every 5 days is where it's at. It's gotten so I can barely control it the first 2 days (ie. too clean) because I need a little of the natural oils back in to style it properly! 

2) Cold water. If possible, you should only use cold or tepid water on your hair for your whole shower, but we are creatures of comfort and that's asking a little much especially in the dead of winter. As a compromise, at least rinse out your conditioner with as cold water as you can handle. This is easiest if you have a hand-held shower attachment so that your whole body doesn't need to stand under the spray. You could also consider washing your hair in the kitchen sink so that you remain in your cozy robe while you use cold water on your head.

3) Deep conditioning. A special deep conditioner is nice, but many regular conditioners deliver very close to the same result if you let it sit in your hair longer. Sometimes I'll even exit the shower, then put conditioner in, wrap my hair in a warm towel and let it sit for 10-15 minutes. The natural heat from my head keeps everything toasty so the conditioner can really soak in. Then rinse out in the kitchen sink or using the hand held shower unit like I mentioned in Tip 2.

4) Special treatments. This kind of goes with #3 above. When you want to give your hair a little extra TLC, you can buy a hair mask or very easily make your own with eggs, or my favourite - mayonnaise! They are extremely effective and you can find easy recipes all over the internet. There are other remedies that have nicer scents though. Your hair will smell a little... organic if you use egg or mayo but at least you will most likely have those ingredients already in your kitchen and don't have to make a special shopping trip.

5) Beware heat tools. I try to use heat styling tools as rarely as possible, but when I do I make sure to use heat protectants. Make sure you get a good quality though, since some of them create a lot of buildup or even dry your hair out in the long run (so I've found). I usually use heat protectant products from salons. This is a case where I find it makes sense to pay a little extra.

6) Protect your hair from the elements. Sun, wind, chlorine, and everyday pollution can affect your hair. Best to wear a hat whenever possible, and if your hair is long enough, wear a braid as often as possible when going out without a hat. 

7) Add a leave-in conditioner. This can make a big difference, though I find it contributes to buildup pretty quickly so use only as needed, not every single time.

8) Be aware of diet. Having an unbalanced diet definitely affects hair, skin, and fingernail health as much as it does your insides. Make sure you're eating a healthy and varied diet. There is a lot of info online about which specific foods and supplements are especially good for your hair. Hair health starts at the scalp!

Hope these tips are helpful! I look forward to reading what everyone else suggests too. 
Oct 03, 2014 @ 12:22 pm

coconut oil!

I cover my hair in coconut oil. Nothing fancy, just straight out of my kitchen coconut oil. Lather your hair in it.... And let it sit for as long as possible. I suggest washing your hair a few times to get out all the oil when you're done and to make sure its not greasy. I would also suggest doing this on a day you won't be going anywhere that you need to look good.

But it defiantly adds moisture to your hair.

I do this about once a week.
Oct 03, 2014 @ 02:49 pm

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