Wedding Approach and my hair is ruined!


 I need some HELP! I had my hair color corrected and highlighted almost a month ago and my hair is worse then ever! It is so dry that when I brush it, chunks fall out! I only wash it once every three days and use a deep conditioning treatment, nothing is working! I use hot oils, the sprays, everything! I am at my wits end! I need HELP and FAST! My wedding is in 60 DAYS and I need to fix my hair! It looks terrible and feels worse! I need advice! Please help! I hate the way it looks and feels, and it needs to be fixed! I cant go to my wedding like this! HELP!


I took the advice of my sister and had my hair color corrected (it was dark dark brown) and highlighted about a month ago (a little less) so I could get my hair all nice for the wedding. It is now mousey and dry, falling out in chunks and my beautiful long hair is getting shorter by the day!

I went to the salon with the best rep in the city, and had a consultation before hand, I did not go to some cheap hair place and let anyone touch my hair.

I hated the moment it happened, but was too embarrassed to say anything and I paid the 200$ plus that was required of me. I hate myself for it. I did what the stylist asked - I did  not wash my hair for the first 72 hours, and now I try to only wash it once every three days.

My hair is falling out in chunks, every time I brush it and its getting worse. I wake up with knots in my hair and I want to cry.

My hair was to my waist and now is only halfway done my back because so much as broken off, I really need help, my wedding is in 60 days and this seems beyond repair!

Please help!
Aug 04, 2013 @ 04:28 pm

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It really sounds like the Salon is at fault...Did you go back and show them your hair?If it is there fault they should be responsible to try help correct it.Perhaps you may need to get it cut to try reduce the amount of chunks falling out...Also it sounds like your really stressed out with wedding plans and this problem with your hair...Stress is so bad for your hair!I sure hope you can get it sorted out...Try relax and Congratulations on your up coming wedding...

Aug 04, 2013 @ 06:45 pm


Thank you for the reply Bren - I just dont think the salon is going to do anything, especially three weeks later. What are they going to do anyways? They are the highest rated in my city and no one believes me that they ruined my hair!

I cant cut it, it will be too short for my wedding and I have never ever had short hair in my life!

Thanks for the congratulations and you are right, I am stressed about wedding plans.. 59 days and counting... oh boy :(

- Winnie
Aug 05, 2013 @ 08:54 pm

Hair SOS

It sounds like they got a little bleach happy with your hair. Regular hair dye would not do this to your hair. I have been there Winnie, but I was the one to blame ;)
I decided last year probably July/June to give myself some highlights, which would have been fine aside from the fact that my hair was previously bleached in the area's I was doing my highlights. Long story short my hair was frizzy, dry, falling out in chunks especially when I was washing it. Is there a miracle product that will help you? Not really, I have tried them all - oils, masks, deep conditioners, shampoo's, regular conditioners.
The best product I used to make my hair somewhat more manageable was Joico K-PAK Deep-Penetrating Reconstructor (can find it at salons or Shoppers Drug Mart), it is a deep conditioner and it definitely does help (I am not sure what kind of hair type you are, but I have very fine hair). I took hair vitamins and invested in a better shampoo (Klorane shampoo w/ Quinine)

So my advise, grab some deep conditioner, get a better shampoo & some hair/nail vitamins and wait till you get closer to your wedding day and get yourself a trim to cut off the dead ends before your big day.
How did my hair disaster turn out? Very well! My hair dresser did not believe my hair grew out as fast as it did, and my problem area's are all gone now! Good luck WinnieFire!
Aug 05, 2013 @ 11:48 pm

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