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Wedding makeup - Foundation and Mascara


I plan on doing my own makeup for my wedding at the
beginning of June. I don't use foundation with my everyday makeup, but
will definitely need it for the wedding. My skin isn't great (some
uneven coloring,a few acne scars, occasional breakouts etc), nothing that bothers me on a
daily basis, but I'll want some decent coverage for wedding photos.

For mascara, I have my every day, affordable drugstore brand that I
always use. However, I know I'm going to cry at least a few times
during the wedding so I figured instead of just reaching for the
waterproof version of my regular brand, I'd see what other people
suggested first. (I don't intend to wear fake lashes, with mascara mine
are fine on their own.)

not concerned about techniques, I went for a makeup lesson at a
local salon and am pretty happy with what I learned. Their products
were expensive though so I didn't want to buy everything there.

want to look my best, but I don't want to spend a ton on either product,
especially since I won't use them very often other than the wedding. I don't mind spending a normal amount (say $10-$20 per
product), but I don't want to buy a $50 waterproof mascara that I'm only going to
use a few times.
Mar 28, 2013 @ 12:48 pm

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Shoppers Drug Mart.

It's hard to recommend a specific product, as every product will pretty much work differently on people's skin. I would suggest going to Shoppers Drug Mart, and having the cosmetic person give you a demonstration there. That way you have access to all of the less expensive brands, and she can test them out on your skin right there for you.

Also, a word of wedding advice! I do wedding photography, and have photographed many bride's getting ready. I found that the one's who chose to do their make up themselves were always rushed for time. It takes a lot longer than what you think it would - so if you have a schedule for the day - make sure to increase the amount of time you'll need for make up, etc.

Congratulations! <3
Mar 28, 2013 @ 04:13 pm

Not just foundation


You mentioned you have some uneven skin colouring -- maybe you should consider purchasing a BB cream in addition to foundation?

Also, a tip: practice your wedding day makeup a few times close to the big day so it won't take as much time when you do it yourself!
Mar 28, 2013 @ 04:34 pm


Thanks ladies :) Katelyn, I like the idea of talking to someone at Shoppers for a demo, didn't really think about doing that since I had already done the makeup lesson, but you're right, that will give me a better idea with the more affordable brands.

I'm not too concerned about time in the morning (helps that our hair stylist is coming to us so we don't to go anywhere), but I will definitely be doing some practicing and will still make sure to leave myself some extra time anyways.
Mar 28, 2013 @ 04:50 pm

Building Your Starter Kit!

Think of this as the perfect opportunity to build your perfect beauty kit! You're totally right on not spending too much on a product that you'll only use once. Definitely go for items and colours that you'll want to wear everyday. This article goes through some drugstore beauty basics for a starter kit: http://www.chickadvisor.com/article/makeup-for-newbies-your-drugstore-makeup-starter-kit-must-haves/

For foundation, I swear by Revlon's ColorStay or their HD PhotoReady. I also like their concealers or the Maybelline Age Rewind concealers. If you want something even lighter, try a BB cream but know that BB creams are quite moisturizing so you may end up looking a bit oily and for photos you want to keep your makeup matte! Check out this article on photo friendly makeup: http://www.chickadvisor.com/article/prom-or-night-out-smokey-eye-tutorial-photo-friendly-makeup/

Good luck and congrats!!! :)
Mar 28, 2013 @ 05:36 pm

Link roundup

That's awesome!! I've actually indexed a few articles over the years for brides doing their own makeup. Might help you out:

Wedding makeup:
(some overall good tips): http://www.thegloss.com/2009/11/06/fashion/wedding-day-makeup-tips/

(wedding makeup mistakes): http://www.thegloss.com/2008/11/14/beauty/5-wedding-day-makeup-mistakes/

(tutorial on getting perfect skin **I LOVE THIS TUTORIAL!!): http://www.thegloss.com/2011/10/25/beauty/wedding-perfect-skin-in-just-4-steps-858/

Posing for pictures (: )):

Mar 29, 2013 @ 02:40 pm

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