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What comes after BB, CC and DD? EE Creams are the newest thing!


As if we didn't have enough products already, they've unveiled yet another to spend us running to the store. 

We've got our BB, CC and DD creams and now....... (yup) EE creams! 

EE Creams from company Previse Skincare stands for Extra Exfoliation and is set to hit the market in March. Now, unlike BB creams, this isn't a tinted moisturizer but an added "botanical-based marine mousse" that is mixed with a cleanser for (like the name suggests) extra exfoliation. It aims to take the place of popular exfoliants like Clairsonic. 

I actually just started using the Clairsonic and I do see the difference in a thorough cleaning so I like this idea but I am not sure if I see it comparing to my brush. 

Would you try this out? 

(via elle)
Jan 07, 2014 @ 10:24 am

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These confuse me

I still really have no idea what's going on with this trend. I'm still using my same moisturizer I have been for who knows how long. These BB and CC creams started appearing. I don't know if I should be using them or not. I have no idea what DD is. Too much if you ask me!
Jan 08, 2014 @ 11:47 pm

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