what kind of makeup do you wear when you're outside in the heat and sun?

on Aug 23, 2010 @ 01:52 pm

I always find myself outside walking around in the heat and sun and I start to sweat which makes me reach up to pat it dry but then my makeup comes off throughout the day, and from all the sweat and heat and makeup I have on I start to breakout. What are your summertime makeup routines? Thanks in advance!

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Loose powder on Aug 23, 2010 @ 02:48 pm

I always use a loose neutral matte powder over my makeup.I make sure it is one that has no color pigments that way your face wont look cakey.

Ali de Bold
My favourites on Aug 23, 2010 @ 04:09 pm

I posted some of mine here, but I agree with Bren581 that powder is the way to go in the summer, or a sheer tinted moisturizer with SPF. My solution to the break-outs as I'm also prone to them, is to splash my face with cold water the minute I walk in the door. Otherwise the grime of the city stays on my face all day long.

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