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Ladies (and guys), what are your opinions on men who pay women for sex (whether it be actual sex or just a 'massage')?
Personally, I think it absolutely disgusting...not only that someone could be so desperate as to pay an escort/prostitute, but also that they would want to have sex with a woman who was probably servicing ten guys that day before you came over.
I know someone who goes to these women, and every time I think about that it grosses me out so much and makes me want nothing to do with them.
So please tell me - what exactly is it about going to a woman who has sex with tons of men everyday and paying her, that is so 'sexy?'
Apr 22, 2007 @ 04:32 pm

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Intimacy is a basic human need...

Intimacy and sexual release are two basic human needs. We all long for intimate connection, whether it be sexual intercourse or companionship. We all require sexual release, whether via ourselves or another person. Women in sex work provide this for men who otherwise have a lacking in their lives. It has NOTHING to do with "sleeping with a promiscuous woman who has been with other men in the last couple hours". In fact, this is likely the last thing on a client's mind.

In my past, I have been intimate with more than one person in a 24-hour period. Am I disgusting to you?
I have been intimate with a person who was otherwise not a romantic partner to me, as I am positive most Chicks here have been. Does that churn your stomach?
Or is it the idea of basing your income on intimate and sexual acts or companionship? Ask yourself why.

In the most respectful way possible, this persons' sex life or intimate connections are none of your concern. Your judgment is unnecessary.

Women and men in sex work can be wonderful individuals, and are busting thei---- you know, PHRASING ---- are working very hard to provide for themselves and their clients. Try to view the situation with a little empathy and your stance may be altered.
Sep 23, 2018 @ 11:25 am

Oldest profession in the Bible.

No comment.
Sep 23, 2018 @ 11:43 am

seen it first hand

I agree totally with spotty
Aug 14, 2019 @ 01:48 am


I think its terrible!
Aug 14, 2019 @ 10:13 am

To Each Their Own..

I personally don't condone it, nor will ever partake myself.. but i had a friend who was into that.. she made lots of cash, like a serious amount.
(which is the ONLY attractive thing among prostitution - imo it's sad but true)
This girl had a boyfriend, who would help her find 'john's' - which I find appalling... and is not a good boyfriend!

One day i stopped by, she wasn't home but he was, so I asked him, How's it feel to kiss that mouth after she returns, his reply was she brushes her teeth when she gets home, no big deal.
My next question was answered with the same to little of no concern.. std's.
I was shocked he didn't care!!

When the girl came home, I asked her how she felt about it.. I'm such an open person, I won't hiďe from confrontations!!
In the end, she admits that she was only prostituting for her boyfriend.
She's saved so much money during the years of selling her body that she left that jerk and is now working at Tim Horton's (which in my opinion is waaay better!!)

If she didn't save her earnings then I don't think she would have left him..
but I know my questions and honesty really made her think about her life!!

There are SO Many Different Reasons Why Women Sells Themselves... but I believe the biggest motivator is money!
Men pay ridiculous amounts for a stranger to get them off..

I blame the men who tempt women with large payments, and who have no consideration or compassion for the ladies who go down on them!
AND the women who fall for, or cater to those men, need to locked up in rehab!!

IMO :)
Dec 03, 2019 @ 07:00 pm

Why the hate?

I actually don't understand why women think it's gross.

I mean if your talking about a street prostitute, who may have diseases, is in it for the drug money then yeah, but if they have some class they will pay for actual high end call girls.

What the industry needs is regulation, not have to work under pimps and allow the profession not to be considered shameful. If a woman truly wants to do that, or at least doesn't have a moral obligation to it who cares.

I mean when it comes to sex, there is such double standards towards men and women. It's normal for men to want sex, so a woman can't want to work in the industry?

As another woman said, "oldest profession" ever.
Feb 26, 2020 @ 03:04 am


I 100% agree with you, but in general men suck much more than we seem to think. Its unfortunate so many woman think they have faithful great men, and they turn out to not be, especially when these woman give advice like they have great men when they have no clue.

You ladies should all download whisper. Its full of married men looking to and wanting to cheat.
May 22, 2020 @ 01:34 am

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