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on Aug 30, 2008 @ 04:53 pm

hi Ladies, here's my problem. I have big feet, but very slim legs. I really want calf-high boots, but generally if they are large enough for my feet, they are too big for my legs, like three or four finger widths too big. I look like a kid dressing up in my mom's clothes whenever I try the tall boot, short skirt look, and it is definitely not comfortable. Can anyone recommend a good brand, or a store (in Ottawa) where I can get boots with wide feet and narrow calves? tia!

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Ali de Bold
Get them altered on Sep 02, 2008 @ 02:46 pm

I had a friend with this problem so what she would do is get her boots taken in on the calf. Shoe stores can usually recommend a place if they don't do this themselves. I have very average feet (size 8) and average calves. I find most boots too loose at the ankles as well. Your best bet is probably to just get them altered. It might be pricy, but it will be worth it when they fit perfectly.

Lisa M. K.
Advice Before Buying Wide Boots on Apr 23, 2009 @ 11:08 am

Hi, I'm Lisa,
I had a similar problem and I can give some good advice from my own experience.

First, before buying wide boots, do not limit yourself to the collection of local stores, because online you have access to all the stores in the u.s.

but you need those that offer free shipping and more important free return shipping! this way you do not need to wonder around by foot among all the local stores but you simply order the boots online and try them at home and I'll tell you what I did, I found a website that offers free shipping both ways, so I ordered several boots with several colors and I kept what I liked and returned the rest for free. It's part of the service so why not?

Some websites specializes in helping you find those Wide or Extra Wide boots you are looking for. (For example, they have a detailed menu you can choose from and they offer free shipping both ways).

Another good advice I can give you is if you buy leather boots than you should know that they will last more than twice the time if you let them rest and "breathe" from time to time.
I personally like to wear my wide boots every day to work so I bought two pairs and I simply rotate them and wear them every other week or so.
This way both will last more than twice their time. (because I help the leather stay healthy and in good look!).

Hope I helped, go check out that webiste...
San Francisco.

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