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Sandra Ribeiro

Has anybody shopped through this site?  I hear its affordable - what are your opinions?
Feb 04, 2019 @ 02:43 pm

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Hit or Miss

Check the reviews before buying. See if there's photos and read the measurements before ordering clothing. Prices are pretty good but if you want quality clothing then its more expensive.
Feb 09, 2019 @ 03:20 pm


I already bought many times but I always check the reviews.
Feb 12, 2019 @ 03:17 pm

Check the reviews, for sure..

Yes, absolutely check the reviews before purchasing. Read the description fully to understand what it is you're getting and information on things like sizing.. I think AliExpress is the site that my husband won't order form because they don't deal with PayPal.. I've never actually ordered from the site, so I can't necessarily speak for the quality, but I know other sites that sell cheaper things are hit and miss..
Feb 15, 2019 @ 08:45 pm

Aliexpress, Wish, Joom, Geek...

Yup, we buy off of Wish, Geek and Aliexpress all the time, but you definitely have to read the reviews closely and watch for the same products being cheaper with another store, or having a quicker shipping time. Always size up at least two sizes with clothing from China, or you'll be severely disappointed, and really watch what you order because fabrics are usually really thin and cheaply created, making your items fit odd, be of subpar quality, and be too small. We've ordered everything from shoes to android boxes to car lights to keychains to a breathalizer to professional markers to a light up tracing board, and even a harmonic balancer for our car that we seemingly couldn't get within Western Canada, and shockingly we've been pretty fortunate with everything we've chosen to buy being pretty awesome. But, I also know of some that have horror stories, but it really comes down to doing your homework in the end. If you shop on wish and geek, always check aliexpress or joom to see if it's cheaper there, as it usually is and more than likely with free shipping as well. :)

All of the above are also good about refunding if your item is broken or not as described, and you usually don't have to ship it back being that it'd cost a fair price to do so. Also if your item doesn't come on time, they'll refund you as well, but wish and geek always ask you to wait an extra couple weeks which, usually by the time that's come up, it's not even a big deal, and joom has a standard 75 days I think it is to get your item to you, and if you've not gotten it, they'll refund in full (all shipping is free on there as well). Aliexpress gives a date like wish and geek for each item, but nothing we've ordered has taken even remotely as long as the dates provided prior to shipping, and you can contact the stores individually prior to purchase to ask questions as well, which you can't do with any of the others, which has made it our go to as of late for most things.
Feb 16, 2019 @ 06:47 am

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