Blake Lively for Chanel

on Jan 05, 2011 @ 02:25 pm

Blake Lively is the newest face of Chanel.  Do you think she is chic enough for Chanel?


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Not a huge fan... on Jan 05, 2011 @ 03:25 pm

Yes, she is drop dead gorgeous with mile long legs (so jealous!), but I've never really been a fan of Ms. Lively's... I think Keira for CHanel was GREAT.

Me neither on Jan 05, 2011 @ 03:45 pm

I don't think Blake Lively is a right fit for Chanel. I'm sure they have marketing stats to prove otherwise, but to me a Chanel personality is meant to be the epitome of style and have that bit of something else...a touch of classic glamour that is in the likes of Nicole Kidman, Audrey Tatou, and yes, even Keira Knightley. To me, Lively is more trendy than chic. I could see her being the face of Fendi perhaps, or even Miu Miu, but Chanel - nope.

! on Jan 05, 2011 @ 03:48 pm

What Oendrila said!!

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