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looking good


looking good or bundled up in the winter.. when i was younger it seemed more important to look a certain way then actually being warm... now its layers and i dont care how i look as long as i am warm...
Jan 29, 2016 @ 10:38 am

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Oh I pile the layers on I don't care
Jan 29, 2016 @ 10:40 am


I am always so bundled up lol I'm cold all the time.
Jan 29, 2016 @ 11:05 am


I liked to be bundled up too,as long as I'm warm,I don't care if its fashionable or not ..lol
Jan 29, 2016 @ 11:51 am


I hate the cold and am always wearing lots of layers. I dont care how silly I look if im warm lol
Jan 29, 2016 @ 12:21 pm


I do the same like to be warm!
Jan 29, 2016 @ 12:24 pm


sometimes i wonder how much extra weight we carry on us in the winter....
Jan 29, 2016 @ 12:36 pm


I bundle up and don't worry too much about how fashionable it looks. I have to walk in -30 or below weather so the more layers the better.
Jan 29, 2016 @ 12:48 pm


i think fall and winter layers can be quite trendy though.
Why not both? Look good in all those layers. :D
Jan 29, 2016 @ 12:48 pm


It's possible to look good while being all bundled up :)
Jan 29, 2016 @ 01:31 pm


I actually love Winter because no one cares what you look like. Big coats all round!
Jan 29, 2016 @ 04:12 pm

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