My sister is getting married next September. She has a dress; it'" http-equiv="description"/>ChickAdvisor

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My sister is getting married next September. She has a dress; it's really pretty... the neck line is really flattering on her... I don't know what it is called, but it kind of sweeps from one shoulder to the other so the straps sit on the outside of the shoulders. The issue we are having is... what bra or undergarment should we be looking for to go under the dress!!?? She is small busted and has a small frame. She would like something that gives were a little more curve in the bust, but also is comfortable and stays in place under the dress. I'm not sure if we should be looking for a strapless bra or a bustier or just go with duct tape!! The neck line makes it difficult to find something with straps that won't be seen.

The dress is being tailored at the moment, but she will soon have to go in for a fitting and she should have the underwear with her for that, so everything works together properly!

What should we be looking for!!?? Any suggestions would be appreciated!

Also, where should we look!? Any boutiques we've been in have a small, very expensive collection!!  I live in Toronto and she lives in North Bay. I don't imagine there are any places in North Bay, so if anyone can suggest a store or boutique in Toronto we will check it out!

One more thing... I am her maid of honour! (yay me!). The dress we are thinking about for me and bridesmaid to wear are a shiny silky material. Not too form fitting, but body skimming enough to encourage me to hit the gym a little more often before September! They are strapless. Does anyone have any suggestions on what I should be looking for to wear under my dress? Something comfortable and maybe a little body shaping; strapless, but stays in place.  Is there a great and all-powerful bra or bustier that someone can recommend?  Or should I just go with Spanx? I've never tried them, but I've hear good things about them!

Here is the link to the bridesmaid's dress we are considering... in aubergine with platmun trim.

Sorry about the long post! Thanks, in advance for any advice!!

Mar 24, 2010 @ 05:30 pm

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Miss K



First of all, congratulations to your sister!! And to you for being Maid of Honour.
The dress you're going to wear is so sweet.

For undergarments I'd look into corsets or bustiers for both you and your sister. They are more likely to stay in place than a regular strapless bra and corsets will also give you a firmer/trimmer look under the garment.In addition a corset with some inserts can help create a fuller bust line. Google some lingerie boutiques in the city, I've heard excellent things about Secrets from my Sister.

Happy shopping and congrats!
Apr 03, 2010 @ 02:02 pm

Thank you! :)

Thanks, Miss K!
I was thinking about a corset... but all the ones I've seen have lace, seams or boning that would be visible under the silky material of my dress. Have I just missed the good ones? Should I keep looking? I'm trying to talk my sister into getting one, as it would definitely work for her dress and give her a "boost".

I've also heard good things about Secrets from my Sister... I will have to check it out! :)

Apr 06, 2010 @ 05:35 pm

something with structure

Congrats to your sister! :)

I bought this body-shaping thing to wear underneath my wedding dress, not sure what it's called exactly; I'm not good with all these terms. I bought mine at the Bay and it basically just tightened my tummy area. My seamstress made me get one even though I fit in my dress perfectly well without it. She told me to try my dress on with and without it to see the difference and believe me, I was surprised how much nicer my waistline looked with the body-shaping thing.

I just used a strapless bra that basically sticked to my breast. My dress (strapless) was heavy and had a defined shaped; it fitted me so well that I didn't really need anything but my "stick-on bra" to hold everything in shape. However, if your sister needs a little boost at the bustline, I'd recommend trying a body-shaping thing that comes with the bar and use inserts to create that fuller bust look. (I have tried wearing my "stick-on bra" under a silk dress and my breasts just sagged; they looked awful.)

My only complaint about the body-shaping thing is that it had vertical wires distributed along my waistline. (Is that what you called boning?) Anyway. those wires dug into my thighs as the wedding wore on and they were extremely uncomfortable by the time the evening reception rolled around. I had to take it off before heading down for my reception because it hurt so much. So my word of advice here is to try wearing the corset/bustier/body-shaping thing for a day and see how comfortable it is and hopefully you can ask the seamstress to make some adjustments to make it more comfortable.
Apr 07, 2010 @ 10:03 pm

by the way

I bought my stick-on bra at the Bay as well. I saw the same thing at La Vie En Rose but they cost twice as much as the ones at the Bay. You can also check out Sears; their prices are comparable to the Bay.
Apr 07, 2010 @ 10:05 pm

strapless bra

If you don't want anything with boning and lace I would no recommend a corset or boustier (boustiers have straps). I would recommend a seamless strapless bra with lift-ability. La Senza makes a really nice one for women with regular to small breasts. For the busty of the bunch I would go with a tight strapless bra without padding.

small breasts:

large breasts:

Victoria's Secret has a much better selection but unless you have a store there you would have to wait for shipping.

Apr 11, 2010 @ 10:44 am

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