Versace for H&M - Are you going to buy it?

on Jun 21, 2011 @ 10:01 am

H&M announced today that Versace is their newest collaborator. The capsule collection will be released in November 2011 with a second wave January 2012.

Above are some preliminary shots of the collection, and Donatella wore one of the dresses at her menswear presentation in Milan this week.

Images and more info at

Are you going to check out the collection when it hits stores? What are you most curious about: how much they'll cost, the quality, whether they look like the Versace main line?

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amazing! on Jun 21, 2011 @ 10:08 am

I would absolutely check it out. When Lanvin did their collaboration collection, some said the quality was not top notch but "good enough" considering the price point. I think it's a great opportunity and wouldn't rule it out!

curious about the fabric on Jun 21, 2011 @ 10:32 am

It looks like there are some leather pieces and a lot of studs, so I am really curious about what the quality will be like. For the Jimmy Choo collection the leather wasn't bad, but not all that great, and I noticed that those dresses were the last pieces to sell (also because they were the more expensive pieces).

Pass on it on Jun 21, 2011 @ 11:02 am

I never buy the H&M;special collections- or any designer collaboration for that matter. I always feel like it is too much of a hassle- the line ups are crazy and it never is as good as you think it is going to be. I feel like what it really is- is an overpriced H&M;item. I always end up buying some ridiculous t-shirt I never wear again. It just isn't worth it for me.

Definitely interested on Jun 21, 2011 @ 11:17 am

This collaboration is something I'll be interested in. I can't wait to see the collection! I think it'll be awesome!

Yay! on Jun 21, 2011 @ 01:52 pm

That would be so amazing! I am so excited for that collection to come out! Cannot wait :-)

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