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What fashion staples will you be getting this Fall?

make-up junkie

I'm so in need of a good shopping run but on a small budget. I'm trying
to transition some of my spring/summer clothing into Fall. I'm in need
of a lot of basics. I really want to get a good blazer, jeans, some
blouses, outfits appropriate for attending events, ankle boots, some
really nice flats and a nice purse that can hold a lot of stuff. Any
suggestions anyone? I need help!
Aug 26, 2009 @ 02:56 pm

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Where I live winter comes really early and it's snow for pretty much 7 months of the year so I have started to come up with a few key items that I can wear at work that will make me look hot yet keep me warm and cozy.

I'm going to invest in a nice fitted peacoat. Preferably with a hood. I also need a nice pair of boots. I'm thinking a nice warm pair for when I need to be outside in the cold and snow and then another pair for wearing at the office. I might even invest in a couple pairs of neutral coloured flats (right now I am wearing my bright colours for summer).Then there is the basic slacks, skirts and blouses and a cute everyday bag.

But what I think I want to invest most of my time (and money) in is picking up some really nice accessories. Some nice diamond earrings that can look nice in the office as well as a evening out. I'm also really excited to start gathering more necklaces to dress up some of my clothes from last year to make my outfits look completely different. I read an article about Chanel's line of costume jewelry and it inspired me to try more funky pearl-like necklaces and long simple chains. (if only I could afford the real Chanel stuff ;) )
Aug 26, 2009 @ 11:34 pm

one of these days...

... I'm going to "invest" in some basic wardrobe staples. I have always agreed with the idea of spending more on a few good quality items rather than choosing variety - the old quality vs. quantity argument.

When my sister was in town, we stopped by Ross (which is like Winners). Normally I don't go in there because you usually need a lot of time to sift through. On this occasion, we scored big with a $20 Nine West bag (reg. $100), Kenneth Cole shades for $10 (reg. $70-100), 600tc bed sheets for $20 (reg. $75), and some other small items. We didn't even get around to shopping for clothes ;)

I guess what I'm saying is to start at a store like that. And here comes my biggest confession: I shopped GoodWill this year for my kids' back-to-school clothes. My friends had been namedropping all year about what treasures they found. Sure enough, 3 hours at 2 different locations got me a full set of back-to-school gear for under $50. I got both of my big kids at least 4 or 5 pants, 4 or 5 shirts, shoes, jacket, zipped hoodie, and a toy for behaving. Most of the items were GAP kids or other department store brands, so the retail price might have been well over $200... and it was all barely used (in fact, a few items still had the original price tag attached). Some of my friends shop for themselves at GW as well, but so far I haven't taken the time to look. Now that would be a big job.

I guess what I'm saying is that you should check out vintage and second hand shops. Generally speaking, if you stick to the more affluent neighborhoods, the local shops will have better quality used clothing, but the very best selection may often be found in middle class neighborhoods where the families aren't house-poor and can afford the little splurges at nice clothing outlets - and better hand-me-downs end up in the charity shops!

What I like about the whole concept of GW also, is that they use the proceeds to employ people who might otherwise have difficulty finding jobs as well as providing professional development.
Aug 27, 2009 @ 08:31 am

Balmain inspired shoulder padded blazer....

nuff' said : ) but really i started stocking up already, i added 2 to my collection. they're so comfty and edgy at the same time. It'll also keep me warm in Fall. Another plus is that i can just throw on a pretty blazer that will take my summer waredrobe into fall.

I also need to invest in some riding boots. I go to school in waterloo and the snow is horrible. My winter boots only usually alst one season and i refuse to wear uggs. The only pair that stoof up wel is my hunter rubber boots, but i can't wear all the time. So i'll need to find a good quality riding boots for everyday.

I'm pertty sure i'll 'need' more staples, i'll update when i think of it : )
Aug 27, 2009 @ 10:21 am


I totally forgot to tell you where i bought mine. Zara always has a nice selection of blazer, they're decent price and stands up really well. Make sure when you try it on, you account for the winter clothes you'll be wearing. I on'y also buy blazers that fit me like a glove. If you are looking for a cheaper alternative, try hm, forever 21 etc. I find that they do have good prices for their stuff, but some don't last as long. So you really need to dig through.

For shoes, i think Petitefeet has a warehouse sale twice a year. They sell brands like jessica simpson, fergie, bcbg etc. i found some good ankle botties and heels their for 1/3 of the price. The sample size their is size 6 so there's a bunch of that. but they also have other sizes. you just need to look.

I think if you are headed to the vintage store, you need a lot of patience and you have to look really hard and try things on. There are so many pieces it makes it a little hard to locate one that's perfect for you.
Aug 27, 2009 @ 10:26 am
make-up junkie

Vintage shops great idea...

I haven't done that since I was in college - ur right the nicer neighbourhoods often have really good finds. but I agree with Mandy - you do need a lot of patience when it comes to rummaging through a vintage or second-hand shop. I'll have to dedicate a day to do that - who wants to come?? haha
Aug 27, 2009 @ 10:38 am
make-up junkie

Shop at Zara too!

I do love Zara but sometimes I find their smalls sell out quick. I got a really nice blazer for Spring and for sure can use it in the Fall. I find a lot of their clothes have that really loose unstructured fit which I love but can often make me look bigger than I really am plus I'm short so it also makes me look shorter. I'm also going to check out Banana Republics petite sales rack and see if they have anything good.

yes- riding boots are great! the only thing for me is finding one that fits around my HUGE calves!!! haha
Aug 27, 2009 @ 10:41 am

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