Which trend do you hope stays around forever?


Inspired by the "what trend are you most sick of" thread...let's see what trends we love and want to stick around.

I'm a big fan of the large handbag. I don't go ridiculously huge with mine, but I like being able to carry everything with me in case I need it...and without having to resort to a backpack!

Tall boots with skirts - love love love it!

I noticed that shift dresses are back this fall and am thrilled to see it. I used to live in them a few years back...I look forward to my shopping spree this coming weekend so i can add some back into my wardrobe.
Nov 08, 2007 @ 10:38 am

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Where to start?

Wedges - the most comfortable of the sexy shoes because let's face it, Adidas does nothing for your legs...

Boot-cut jeans - because I have at least 5 or 6 pairs, and some of them were expensive (oh yeah, and I think they look good)...

Highlights in hair - because I need to cover the gray and am not willing to submit my scalp to all-over color...

Shirts that cover the belly and a little beyond - I hated the barebelly look, and you couldn't cheat which sucked...

Belted long coats - just so feminine and retro too...

And I also completely agree with K on the tall boots and large bags!

Nov 08, 2007 @ 07:07 pm


I agree with mamaluv, I love the longer shirts. I hate little tiny shirts that don't cover much. I also like the look of layering different t-shirts and tank tops. 3 or 4 shirts, now can make multiple different looks.
Nov 08, 2007 @ 09:53 pm

I like the longer shirts too

as someone born short-waisted...I like that I can create the illusion of a more balanced body with them...

Nov 09, 2007 @ 09:35 am
Feisty Redhead

me too

I also like the longer shirts. I want to be able to stretch my arms way up over my head and not flash everyone in the room. lol

The layered look which is something I did long before it was "in" and was made fun of for it... I'm just way ahead of the fashion radar I guess! ;-)

Also, feminine pieces - long flowing skirts and pretty sweaters etc.

I really like the "dressy yet casual" trend right now. It's great to be able to make pieces do double duty as casual, just hanging out clothes AND going out on a date or special occasion outfits as well. I'm a less is more kinda gal, so having one item that's perfect for multiple occasions is a dream. =) Plus I have a small closet - I don't have room for much. :p

Dangly, chandelier, shoulder duster style earrings. I LOVE dangly earrings! I have a handful of some basic stud earrings but the rest are all dangly, everything from just a 1/2 inch dangle to shoulder dusters and everything in between.
Nov 09, 2007 @ 07:48 pm

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