Awkward moments that make it into family history.


I'm used to multi-tasking. Heck! I raise two GenZ boys so it has become second nature to move like an octopus with frenzied tentacles working in perfect harmony.

Well, not on this day!

My To-Do List was nicely shrinking from 15 to 1 around early evening. I was feeling good! As most OCD over achievers would after completing a mountain of tasks. I figured I would get a head start on the 9 loads of laundry to have more free time on the weekend. I am woman- hear me roar!

Borrowed a friend's car, loaded it to the rim, then proceeded to load and wash the clothes like a champ. Then it hit me! As I watched the rotating motion of the front loader's hypnotic dance, the exhaustion got to me. Having to fold nine loads of laundry tends to wake ya up tho. When I was done I loaded it in the back of the car. I remember thinking, "that's odd, why would my retired girlfriend have a construction helmet in the back of her car?" The things that make you go Hmmm?

As we get home my boyfriend says to me, "Didn't you say you packed your clothes in the back seat?"  Ummm yeah! The trunk is full of your stuff...."Yes honey in the back seat." So naturally I look to point and sure enough my entire wardrobe is gone. "Why would anyone steal that much laundry?" he asked. 

"They didn't" I replied. "I loaded it into the backseat of the car that was parked next to us." as the flashback of the yellow helmet came into my mind's eye. 

I did get my stuff back, the guy was still drying his clothes when I apologetically explained to him why I have to go in his car at 11pm in a dark parking lot. 
Aug 17, 2014 @ 06:59 pm

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What is your most awkward moment?

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Aug 18, 2014 @ 02:37 pm

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