BOOK CLUB: How would Alba's life unfold?


Alba sounds like the perfect kid. I love Henry's first meeting
with her! Although she's also chrono impaired, she has a better grip on time traveling. Although we don't read much about her until the end, she's an important figure to the story. It would be interesting to know how her life went on as a time traveler. It would break my heart if she ends up like her father, but I have a feeling her story would have a happier ending than Henry's.

If the story carried on, how do you think Alba's life would be?

From my understanding, she's able to time travel with a sense of where she's going. While Henry's impairement literally crippled him, I see Alba using it as an advantage and helping others. The author depicts her as some sort of angel figure that guides Claire when she kind of loses herself after Henry's death. I also see her being the "messenger" between Claire and Henry, so Claire can be able to communicate with Henry even after his death.

Jun 05, 2009 @ 07:11 am

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Self Assured

I so agree with you everstwater -- I loved Henry and Alba's first meeting (minus the part where the teacher says no Alba, your daddy's dead. I literally gasped and slammed the book shut on the Go Train lol ... I must have looked insane). It was a really enjoyably peek into the future.

I think Alba seems like a very self assured little girl. She seems like one of those people who is wise beyond her years -- I think that it is very fitting that Henry and Clare would produce such a wonderful child.

I think in the future she may work with Dr. Kendrick to find out more about being chrono impaired. Then again, considering that tern had already been coined perhaps Dr. Kendrick did it all on his own (which I do think they implied at certain points in the book.) Perhaps she has an interesting future ahead of her being chrono impaired -- she can be a pioneer of sorts into the time travelling lifestyle. Or maybe she will find out that there are actually a whole number of people who can time travel just like her.

Either way it comforts me to know that Clare had Alba even after Henry was gone. It is nice to know that a small part of Henry always stayed with Clare.
Jun 05, 2009 @ 10:50 am


I heard murmurs that perhaps a book detailing Alba's life may be in progress...this was quite a while ago, though.

I see Alba's story as one of hope, and perhaps more touching than heartwrenching. Perhaps a step back from Henry, she'd possibly find out, as she grows and matures, the damage that is done in attempting to change the future, or the past. I'm not certain, however, that we would follow Alba to her majority, through marriage and children, as the bare bones of that progression would likely be too close a mirror of TTW. I'd also like to follow Alba as she copes with her own grief for the manner of death her father suffered due to his gift, as well as the secret fears she's sure to harbor in regard to her own abilities, even if they are more controlled than were her fathers.
Hmm, those are my sketchy details as I envision them for Alba's story. I can't help it, I love creating plots of my own to extend past the boundaries of great novels! :)
Jun 07, 2009 @ 12:16 am


I'm not sure I would want to read a story about Alba. I think it would ruin the TTW! My thought is that Alba would likely end up sick and dying early like her father. Hurting people seems to be part of what it's all about, and I just don't think that a second book would compliment the first. I loved the book and am in the process of reading other series', I just want to leave it where it ended :)
Jun 12, 2009 @ 10:00 pm

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