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BOOK CLUB: How would you rewrite the ending?


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As I finished the book, I kept thinking to myself that both Kate and Kelly got pretty damn lucky at the end. Kate found prince charming and Kelly got to save her marriage?

If I could rewrite the ending, I would completely change the story. I'm being a cynic here, but had the story continued on..Kate would dump Mark Dicks after 2 months and go back to her party self again. She's a lost cause that woman.. I don't think Kate understands the concept of marriage, so in her case...her marriage with Mark was flawd...she kind of reminds of Britney circa 2007. In my book, Tim Fortune would not have been an ass. He would be a fling Kelly has for sometime, but doesn't get serious. Her marriage to Jeremy is falling apart and they end up separating but taking join custody of Jorja.

If we could rewrite the ending, how would the story finish?

Apr 29, 2009 @ 10:05 pm

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Kate stay single

I would liked to have seen Kate mature and learn to love herself. Someone told me once that you don't truly know yourself and love yourself for who you are until you've learned to enjoy being by yourself. I don't think Kate has ever been alone in her entire life and she doesn't know how to define herself without a man by her side.
Apr 29, 2009 @ 11:06 pm


I agree with bubbly to an extent-- my book (or next book, perhaps) would circle around the unavoidable truth that Kate does in fact lose Mark (who can't stand her self-absorbed, trainwreck-like behavior) which finally allows her to actually hit rock, ROCK bottom. She then would go on her own journey to learn who she is (rather than simply aknowledging other's struggles, as she seems to do to a certain extent in the existing text) and perhaps meet Mr.Right after making some startling realizations about herself (everyone likes a happy ending!). Kelly, however, would have a longer road ahead of her. I see her staying with Jeremy, but the relationship would need a lot of work and care...possibly allowing the two of them to rediscover themselves, their marriage, and what they mean to each other..and of course what Jorja means to them both. I can almost forsee a reversal of fortune which prompts a relocation from her ritzy neighborhood, a surefire catalyst for change...ooh, I'm getting myself worked up on a nonexistant couple of books! Anyhow, as you can see my ideas for these two characters are limitless, and I'm now slightly more disappointed than I was initially. :)
Apr 29, 2009 @ 11:42 pm


I would for sure have Kelly and Jeremy make some big changes. Kelly may not necessarily cheat on Jeremy, but she would tell him and they would have many hurdles to overcome. I would have them move from their gated community to somewhere closer to Jeremy's work, giving him more time and energy to deal with his family and their problems. He would be distant for a while, and they would need counseling, but they would probably be OK. There would not be a baby in the picture for some time, until they had sorted their lives out. It may take Jeremy being tempted to bring them closer together again.

I'm not sure how I would end things for Kate. I don't think she is a character that makes huge changes easily, and doesn't learn very well from her mistakes. I think Mark would be the biggest change she would ever make. If there were another book I would have her feeling overwhelmed by her new life, and actually unsure about herself and what she wants. I may have her accept Mark's proposal, but second guess herself every step of the way - not because she doesn't care for him, but because now that she has what she wants she is still left feeling empty, and stressed. I would have her break off the engagement before the wedding and run off from it all, closing off all friends and family. She would go on some path of self discovery and perhaps regret what she has done, and eventually crawl back. Mark may/may not take her back, but she has to be ok with it either way. There would for sure eventually be a wedding for her, but it would be a low key, stress-free affair rather than the over the top one she was planning before.

I would have Tim fall for someone he couldn't have and suffer for it.

Kitty seemed pretty random, we never got to hear her side of things, her struggles to better herself and her relationship with her daughters. It would be nice to see more from her.
Apr 30, 2009 @ 08:26 am

What they said

I was also disappointed at the nice tidy way things wrapped up. For those of you who've read Emily Giffin's series including Something Blue, you know that these types of happy endings can be written a little more convincingly.

I don't really know what else to add to these excellent comments :)
May 01, 2009 @ 10:53 am

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