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ChickAdvisor Pets: Who do you have at home?


Hello all! 

I recently got a new addition to the family- a cat named Pandora! Which got me wondering about what animals you have at home! Post a picture or share your cute pet stories! 

Here is Pandora: 

Apr 19, 2013 @ 11:14 am

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Yes a cat

After losing my cat of 18 years I didn't think I would get another one....But I did and my fur baby is two years old now and I'm so happy I made the decision to get another cat.They bring so much joy to your life...

I rescued mine from a great organization here...The mother had a litter of six of them and they were black and white and grey tabby's...My guy had the body of a Siamese and the face of a tabby with blue eyes.He defiantly was the different one in the bunch!
Apr 19, 2013 @ 11:45 am

so cute!

Pandora is adorable! I love it when they sit scrunched over like that and their furry belly looks so plushy. We have 1 cat, 1 dog, and fish. The hate is as complete as it is mutual. Oh well, nobody's perfect :)
Apr 19, 2013 @ 11:55 am

Cute :)

Cute kitty :)

My bf and I drove 3 hours (one way) to pick up our red golden retriever puppy that we named Duke. At first, it was a rough and bumpy road - house training is NOT easy or fun but it really is worth it in the end! He's perfect and brightens up each and every one of my days!
Apr 19, 2013 @ 01:05 pm

dogs and cats

i have 2 cats(maine coons, one is 11 years old and the other 8) i also have 2 dogs(1 shepherd cross 5 years old and a black lab 4 years old). they live all 4 happily together and are with us since they were born. :-)
oh and i have also a parrot cichlid.
Apr 19, 2013 @ 01:11 pm


I so wish our cat and dog would get along! We had our cat first and then got 2 puppies (same litter). Our cat immediately hated them, and so every attempt by the puppies to check her out earned them a swipe with the claws or a hiss. We tried to get our cat to chill out but she never softened up.

One of our dogs recently passed away and the remaining one is the calmer of the two, so we hoped that there might be an opportunity to make friends now. They no longer freak out at the sight of each other. I guess that's progress. They are both outdoor and have plenty of room to roam, so they are never in a confined space. We've never noticed any fighting and neither has ever had any injuries. For now it looks like it's just been a lot of glaring.
Apr 19, 2013 @ 01:21 pm

so cute!

Omg the pets are so cute!!! Here is my cat, Sarabi, chillin like a villan:

And here she is, when she was a kitten, just discovering her tail xD:

And my dog Moby, just being frickin adorable:
Apr 19, 2013 @ 02:21 pm


Also I must add, we don't normally dress our dog in clothes, but he is obsessed with playing in the snow, and the sweater helps keep it from clumping all in his fur xD
Apr 19, 2013 @ 02:23 pm


Congrats on your new fur baby Alex!

I adopted a new cat this past January as well and am completely in love! Her name is Quinn and an absolute cuddle bum. She turns 1 this July.

Apr 19, 2013 @ 02:46 pm


I have such a big love for animals. I have been volunteering with Toronto Cat Rescue for a while now and because of it, I have grown to love cats so much. I want a rescue dog soon, but because I'm still in University, I will wait until I can actually take care of one :) However, I do have a pet, he's a bunny :) I was actually having trouble posting a picture for some reason, if someone could please help me as to how I can copy, paste an image onto the comment box, I would appreciate it :) (I feel rather silly because I am the "internet generation" as they might call it ahaha)
Apr 19, 2013 @ 04:30 pm

posting a picture

@Karanranu - currently the only way to post a pic is if it's already posted elsewhere on the internet (blog, etc). You have to locate and copy the image URL, then hit the picture icon at the top of the comment box here on ChickAdvisor, paste the URL into the field, and hit OK,
Apr 19, 2013 @ 04:34 pm

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