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Chicks Cooking on Youtube


I was so proud of you Chicks who was on youtube yesterday with Christine Cushing,baking recipes.You all looked so lovely and busy.I do hope that  whoever had the opportunity to be there in person must have had a blast.Sometimes I wish I lived in Toronto because,something is always happening.Then I would miss home I guess,Newfoundland.There is no place like Home no matter where you live.I watched the whole show and it was just great.Christine is so smart and I bet she is a Fantastic Cook.Hope you all had fun,those who watched and those who attended,I know I did.I loved every minute.
Jun 08, 2015 @ 09:20 pm

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It was amazing experience wasnt it? I was so excited weeks prior :))
I live in Toronto and sometimes everything is too much ;) I've been to Nfld as thats were my cousin lives most of the time (at Hearts Content I believe it was :) )it is so beautiful and peaceful there. You're lucky. Air is so pure and people are so real and genuine :)
Cheers for that amazing Sunday cooking! ;)
Jun 08, 2015 @ 09:31 pm

Cheesy Chicks

I was a "remote" participant, and despite the technical glitch enjoyed the experience in my pretty pink apron. I can't wait to try some of the recipes I received...got my kit too late to add all of the ingredients I needed, but grocery day is in my future:-)
Jun 09, 2015 @ 07:36 am

Chicks Cooking on Youtube

What a great and fun experience #MasterCheeseClass was for the people in the studio or for all of us participating from home. I really found Celebrity Chef #ChristineCushing very easy to follow and my family and I really enjoyed the finished meal. It was a great menu I really enjoyed the whole event.
Jun 09, 2015 @ 01:02 pm


I got to watch some of the amazing experience on YouTube also, until I had unexpected company. I wish I had of pretended to not be at home, but of course little Earnie, just had to start his barking! ha ha. I'm glad all of you had fun and created a memory that will last a lifetime. Cheers to all of you, Ginger.
Jun 09, 2015 @ 01:09 pm

Chicks Cooking on Youtube

I always a home participate, my husband & I watched and did the cooking together. We had a good time and really enjoyed being apart of this great opportunity.
Jun 09, 2015 @ 07:35 pm

It was fun!

I was at-home participant and enjoyed the whole learning experience thoroughly! Was super excited weeks before! The tips given by Christine were worth the keep and I was amazed to see how down to earth she is!
Jun 10, 2015 @ 02:02 am
Ali de Bold

Thank you!

It was so nice to read your feedback here. Thank you everyone for participating!! We loved getting your questions during the shoot and seeing your beautiful creations. XOXO
Jun 11, 2015 @ 09:46 pm

Chicks Cooking on Youtube-Ali de Bold

No we should all be thanking you it was so much fun and a awesome experience I am so glad I could switch my shift at work so I could cook along. #ChristineCushing was so easy to understand and follow my family and I really enjoyed the meal Sunday night. All of you women looked wonderful on Y-tube. I am so happy to be part of such an amazing event. #MasterCheeseClass @ChickAdvisor was a great success.
Jun 11, 2015 @ 10:06 pm

Cooking can be fun

I had a blast and met some great people. Christine was a hoot to work with and we spent most of our time laughing and socializing. The food turned out great, and the way our groups blended and worked together, you would think we were all professionals or something!! I am glad we were able to send some of that energy to out 1000 home viewers.
Jun 14, 2015 @ 02:22 pm

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