Dexter Circle Us- S5E7(Spoilers!)


Tonights episode we hear about Watch Guy and Suit Guy two men that Lumen recalls hurting her and this is the names she has given them.Suit Guy turns out to be a guy named Cole,head of security for Jordon Chase(yep I predicted earlier that I thought connections were linked to the Just take it guy(motivational speaker)who Boyd had listened to.

We see Cole return to the swamp and have men retrieve the barrels.Cole gets in a accident while transporting the barrels and then flees the scene.

The police are called to the gruesome scene left behind spewed across the highway of the bodies in the barrels.Which skipping ahead Dex will leave evidence to link it to Boyd.Dexter and Lumen conect the puzzle and realize that Cole is one of the men(suit man) that hurt Lumen.

Dex sneaks into Coles house and nearly gets it!Cole sneaks up behind him and starts strangling him.Then its Lumen to the rescue she had a hunch!They bolt to the sounds of his security system going off.Dex steals a picture of the gang of killers from about 15 years prior and Boyd,the dentist and cole are in this picture.The puzzles coming together.

Theres a set up at the club to catch the Fuentes Brothers that goes bad quick!Jasmine the informant gets killed and some others injured.Deb has a intense scene shooting one of the brothers in the head while he holds a hostage against him.She is shaken up Quinn consoles her. One of the brothers escaped hmmmm  so I dont think we have heard the last of this storyline he will want revenge for Deb killing his brother.

Its obvious that Laguerta made some bad calls with this set up and is in for some trouble with the higher ups.Batista her hubbie  very careful with how he words he knows she made a mistake and she will have to deal with it.She was in charge and made bad calls.She is in denial.There marriage seems to be in serious trouble.

Quinn is still having Dexter followed by the shady Liddy(my god this is Peter Weller!)He looks so different in this role and playing this scum bag well!)Quinn is also trying very hard to get Deb to commit and move in with him.This Liddy is money crazy I predict he will threatin Quinn for more money to keep his mouth shut and not blab to Deb and perhaps even threaten blabbing to Dex but saying hed tell Deb would be more  affective.

The episode ends with Dex seeing the connection between the babysitter(Sonya)and Harrison and allowing the statue she had placed earlier of the saint Brigid to watch over Harrison.Earlier he had thrown it in his toy box.He places it  above him on a shelf and says a brief prayer.

I found it strange no Harrys ghost?Is Lumen becoming his new consience?She is the only one who knows he is a killer(who is alive).Will he kill her ?Anyone else in the past who found out was killed.I believe this is different she is becoming so much like Dexter.I still see  a relationship forming.I do not think he will kill her there is a bond forming.

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