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Dexter Finale(SPOILERS)S5E12


                                              The Big One

Well I am a little dissapointed with the finale there was no big cliffhanger or shocker like the past episodes.Then I do realize how can they ever top last season(season 4)with John Lithgow.This season was good but not my favourite but I will continue to watch Dexter and hope theres many more seasons to come.So with that here is my last review.Its to bad there has been no fans to interact with on here.I started my reviews and I wanted to make sure I gave a review of every  episode I said I would like to do this review  and Im not one to give up and quit  and I  would do it again it was fun.If anyone gets the chance try watch season one its a great series yes its graphic but good none the less.  :)

Dexter is getting ready to find Jordon Chase who has kidnapped Lumen(Dexter not knowing if shes alive or dead)Before he can start tracking him down,Liddys murder is called in.The whole department must go to the scene as he was a former member of the police department.

When they arrive Laguerta questions Quinn shes says Liddys cell that was traced indicates that his last five calls were to Quinn.she then notices a drop of blood on Quinns boot(oh no not good!)We know from last episode when he was banging on the van door for Liddy that blood dripped onto Quinns boot from the van floor ,of course Quinn was unaware.He realizes hes in trouble and asks for a lawyer as he is now the main suspect.

Dexter finally breaks free to go find Lumen he steals a car and heads to River of Jorden a summer camp that he found out belongs to Eugene Greer(alias Jorden)Sure enough Jorden has brought Lumen there and suspects Dexter will be on his way to rescue her(so right you are Jorden)Dexter crashes the car on the way in,crawls out of the wreckage right into the arms of Jorden!Jorden ties him up and brings him to were Lumen is tied up.

Jorden is babbling looking at Dexters knifes and commenting on them,as Dex and Lumen exchange looks.Dex has somehow got loose and just as we see Jorden noticing a knife is missing Dex plunges it into Jordens foot!There is a struggle he knocks Jorden out and ties him to the table.Jorden awakes and is still  being cocky to the end screaming headgames at Lumen and Dex.Dex tells Lumen that Jorden is all hers just like that she plunges the knife into his heart.All her tortures are all now dead.

As they are cleaning up behind a hanging tarp.Deb arrives she has been tipped off by a fruit vendor who notived Jorden at a red light trying to sell him fruit and heard thumping noises in his truck(Lumen).

We think now Deb will see the truth and realize Dexter is a killer.She sees Jorden dead on the table and shadows behind the tarp.She screams at then to freeze she has a gun.She then tells them she understands what they did and had seen those horrible tapes and knows there vigilantes(the barrel girl number 13 and her lover) and says shes giving them one hour then calling in the whole department to close down the Barrel girls murders.Shes giving them a chance to clean up and get out!

Quinn is locked up for questioning and will not talk to Deb about anything.But Dexter of course bothces the blood test on Quinns boot.After all he cant have Quinn admit to his and Liddy s suspicions about Dexter.

Dexter seems to be happy to have Lumen in his life a soul mate so much like him.She then tells him that her dark passenger has moved on and she is not like Dexter and needs to leave.Dexter is crushed.

We end with Harrisons first birthday party.Quinn is there where he thanks Dexter as he knows Dexter saved his arse.Dexter still does not like him but did what he had to do.It ends with a brief chat with Dex and his step daughter who will be moving back  for the summer with her brother all is well with them now .We then see Dex holding Harrison blowing out the candle on his cake looking into the camera.Until next year Dex.

On a side note during Season 4 and awards for his and Lithgows preformances at award shows Micheal C.Hall was going through cancer treatment.He is apparently cancer free yaaa and he married Deb(his tv show sister) in real life how cool is that.I think they make a lovely couple.
Dec 13, 2010 @ 03:40 am

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Ali de Bold

Thank you!

Bren581, thank you so much for posting these! I don't follow the show but have enjoyed reading your recaps. XOXO
Dec 13, 2010 @ 01:41 pm


Thank You Ali :)
Dec 13, 2010 @ 09:30 pm

Not the ending I expected

This ending was a super let down.You will see online blogs etc that Dexter fans are not happy with this ending with this season period.I agree where was the usual cliffhanger!I bet this season has lost many viewers.
Dec 15, 2010 @ 12:24 am

I still love Dex!

The ending was dissapointing alright.Im always just waiting for the big cliffhanger that usually happens.Ive been really dissapointed with a few of my favourite shows and there season finales lately.My son informed me that Micheal C Hall and Jennifer Carpenter have split up.That marriage didnt last long!
Dec 15, 2010 @ 04:02 pm

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