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Dexter S5E11-Hop a Freighter


We are nearing the end only one more episode to go I cant wait!

Dexter notices his apartment is bugged and they  are being watched on a monitor.He assumes Jordan Chase is behind it,but soon discovers it is from the police a issued camera this makes him nervous thinking the team is on to him.

Quinn talks to Liddy who is increasingly announing Quinn,Liddy informs him that he was terminated from his job and now more determined to bust Dexter.Quinn tells him to back off.

Sonya(Harrisons babysiiter calls Dex from Orlando about planning a birthday party for Harrison.Dexter knows it is to dangerous to have the party in Miami and says to have the party in Orlando he will drive down.

Deb has Dexter come join a meeting and explains her Jordan Chase theory she still believing its a vigilante doing the killing in fact she thinks its the 13th barrel girl that she survived and has someone strong who cares for her helping her(she doesnt realise how right she is!)

Dexter sneaks into the equipment room and checks the computer to discover that the camera/equipment was signed out under Quinns name.Theres no search warrents so he knows that Quinn is doing this on his off time.

Lumen and Dexter then sneak into his apartment to see what hes found out about them they find the photos of themselves in a binder of when they were dumping Coles body off the boat(the pictures that Liddy had taken)

Deb and Quinn go to talk to Dan the Dentists wife.They get a link from her that Jordon Chase and Dan were childhood friends and that Jordens real name is Eugene Greer.There onto to him now.

Decter is out inspecting vans expecting to find Quinn watching him.Liddy takes him by surprise and knocks him out with a taser.Meanwhile Emily Birch calles Lumen saying Jorden knows they spoke and she is scared and needs Lumen and Dex there right away to protect her.Lumen frantic tries calling Dex.

Dex awakens his hands and feet bound in the back of a van.He sees Liddy who says he will beecome a hero for getting Dexters confession and then get his job back.Liddy then calls Quinn demanding he gets to the docks where he is parked.

Lumen arrives alone at Emilys and Emily is frantic that shes arrived alone.Lumen turns to see Jorden Chase is there(we knew that was coming!)

Meanwhile Liddy is trying to get Dex to confess on video camera,Dexter kicks the camera and theres a struggle.Dexter overpowers Liddy and gets ahold of the knife and forces it into Liddys chest.Dex then sees Quinn approachig staying quiet until he leave.Then gets out and tosses the survelliance equipment into the ocean and rushes home.

The police swarm Jorden Chases private jet as they learnt he is leaving to Europe to perform.They then discover he is not on the plane.

Dexter gets Lumens voicemail and rushes to Emilys.At Emilys meanwhile Jorden gets angry with Emily and kills her in front of Lumen with a fireplace poker.

Dexter arrives at Emilys to find blood everywhere thinking hes going to find Lumen dead,but discovers Emily.He then sees footprints in the blood and signs of a struggle knowing that Lumen has put up a fight.He clenches the knife he bought her earlier that he finds covered in blood.This is how tonights episode ends!Well one more episode to wrap the  whole season up.It should be good.

Dec 06, 2010 @ 02:07 am

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