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Dexter S5E8 Take It Episode(SPOILERS)


Dexter and Lumen have spent the day stalking and preparing to kill Cole one of the men that tortured Lumen.Dexter pretends to be attending Jordan Chases conference where Cole is his body guard.Dexter rents a room next to Coles this is where he decides to kill him.

Lumen goes to the  store to get the items to prepare the room for the kill after she meets her ex fiance who has proposed to her to leave with him and travel the world and that he still loves her.Shaken up she gets into a fender bender(schemed by Peter Wellers character we see him checking out the backseat seeing all the items she bougt for the kill.

Dexter gets sidetracked when the kill is supposed to go down getting called on stage by Jorden Chase.This gave Cole a chance to spot Lumen and chashed her back to the room breaking into the room and starts strangling Lumen.Dexter of course enters to the rescue.

They set up Cole to be killed on a table Lumen watching the whole time and seeing that Dexter has done this before many times.Dexter opens up completely and tells Lumen everything about himself and his need to kill.

Laguerta turns on Deb when Deb refuses to lie for her.Laguerta puts the blame on Deb about last weeks sting that went bad.Batista tells Deb he will stand by her and let the truth be known.This may be the end to Laguerta and Batistas already disaster of a marriage.

The episode ends with Lumens ex ripping up her ticket(she obvious choose to stay in Miami) Dex and Lumen on Dexters boat dumping Coles body off the boat.We zoom out to see Peter Wellers character zooming in and taking pictures of everything!Next weeks episode will be interesting!Dexter has also clued in that Jorden Chase was one of the killers as well.Is he the next kill?

Nov 15, 2010 @ 01:28 am

2 Replies


Great Episode

Wow this was a good episode!I cant wait to see what will happen next week!I think that guy snapping the pictures is Dexters next kill(he is very annoying.)
Nov 16, 2010 @ 06:17 pm

I agree

I really enjoyed this episode as well.I think Peter Wellers character is going to really start stiring up trouble but in the end I agree Dex is going to get rid of him.
Nov 17, 2010 @ 12:27 am

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