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Dexter S5E9-Teenage Wasteland(Spoilers)


The show begins with Dexter and Jordon Chase side by side on treadmills.Jordon going on about fixing Dexter.Dexter thinking he needs proof that Jordon was involved for sure in the torture of Lumen.Dex spots in Jordons locker as Jordon opens it a necklace like a vial that looks like it contains blood.He makes a appoinment to come back to see Jordon determined to sneak a sample to test.

Lumen is on the phone with Dex as hes driving back(Hey I though your not supposed to be driving and talking on your cell phone these days lol!)Shes  very panicked saying someone is breaking in as there speaking.Dexter screams to go hide and she hides in the bathroom with a knife.Dex meanwhile is racing back.The intruders turn out to be Astor and a friend(Astor of course Dexters 12 year old stepdaughter that last we seen ended badley there parting)They are very drunk(what at 12?!)They are shocked as Lumen to run into each other.As Astor has run away from her grandparents in Orlando and thought the house would be a good place to stay.Dex arrives and explains that Lumen is a tenant to the two very drunk girls.

Deb is upset thinking she will be fired from the union meeting.Quinn is trying to reassure her and tells her he loves her to Debs shock.All ends somehwhat well shes not fired but re assigned to work in the files room for awhile.She digs up files from the girls dumped in barrels and realizes this closed case should be reopened due to more Dna found but Laguerta her usual bitchy self shuts it down cold.

Liddy calls Quinn sayig to meet for drinks he has pictures to show him.Quinn getting fed up with him declines.God this Liddy is creepy!

Back with Jordon after more work out and motivational talk.Dex makes his move while Jordon is in the shower.He inserts a syringe into that vile.After Dex gets what he wants and leaves.Jorden notices the locker door slightly open and heads straight to the weird vile necklace and notices a tiny drop of blood realizing Dex got a sample.(oh no!)

Lumen calls Dex saying the two girl are missing(Astor and Olivia her friend)he calls the police thinking there abducted.The neighbour he hates says he seen a white van and partial  license plate #.(Dex thinks Jordon chase has the girls.)

The police find the van it belongs to Olivia stepdad Barry he was looking for the girls tracking there gps in there phones.They are found at a local mall they were caught shoplifting.

Back at Dexters old place where Lumen is staying,Deb questions who the heck Lumen is Dex makes it clear there not together  shes just a tenant Deb looks quite unsure and not believing him.

Lumen tried talking to Olivia as Dex tried talking to hostile Astor.Lumen notices bruises all over Olivias stomack and back.She tells Dex and Astor and it all comes out the stepdad Barry beats the girl.

Deb is angry at Quinn he has admitted he thinks Dex is Kyle Butler.Deb is very angry and basically tells him to get lost and there relationship is over!

Liddy his usual uncouth and pesty self got into  Quinns place and is drinking a whole bottle of tequlia and helping himself to snacks.Quinn is peeved,Liddy shows him the pictures but Quinn tells him to drop it!But Liddy say he wont do that he thinks hes onto something good!Liddy is really stiring things up now.

Dexter finds Barry and beats him up and tells him to leave Olivias mother and leave olivia alone and if he ever comes back Dexter will really do far worse damage.After the fact Dex leaving and driving off Harrys ghost appears and tells Dex hes very proud of Dex that hes not that much of a monster.

Dex drops off Olivia and then Astor and Dex talk and seem to makeup with Dexter even telling her he loves her.

Dexter gets the blood results from the lab(Jordon chase vial)it belongs to a living  woman Emily Birch.Hmmm who is she! Jordon Chase  is carrying  her blood in a necklace vial how odd and screwed up.Is she doomed or a big puzzle piece to the storyline?

Now the ending wow!Lumen answers Dex home phone its Jordon Chase!Shes so nervous!But takes his message which is this!Tell Dexter TICK TICK TICK!Your life is running out!(omg!)Jorden then lets Lumen know he knows its her and hangs up....Time for Dexter to move fast!But this is not his typical kill this guy has so many body guards and is on to Dex.

Three episodes to go!Tonights was jam packed with so much!Great episode but three more to rap up lots of things going down now!wow cant wait until next weeks!

Nov 22, 2010 @ 03:14 am

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