Dexter(Spoiler)S5E10-In The Beginning


The blood sample from Jordons necklace belongs to a woman who is still very much alive.Dexter and Lumen go to her house to try talk to her she ends up slamming the door on them and acting very spooked.

At the station the team is going over the reopened case of the girls in the barrel.The prime suspect being Cole.But we know that Dexter and Lumen have already got rid of him.Deb and Quinn go and question Jordon who says Cole is taking time off.

Theres a search of Coles house and Quinn finds a collection of Dvds that are of the tortured murdered girls 13 discs.(Lumen is the last one 13!)Deb has seen Lumen so Dex is nervous that everything will be exposed.Dexter of course gets the disc and replaces it with a fake.

Lumen goes to try talk to the woman again and shows her the torture tape of herself.She lets Lumen in and tells her everything.That 20 years ago as a teenager at summer camp Jordon(real name Eugene) and his buddies gang raped her.She also tells Lumen the 5th mans name in the picture is Alex.

Before Dex and Lumen get to Alex.Deb and Quinn go to talk to him.He has shown up in Coles phone book.

Dexter and Lumen break in and check out Alex house finding jewlery from the murdered girls one being a necklace of Lumes that she reclaims.They decide where to kill him in the house.

We then see Jordon at the  womans house!She is obviously loyal to Jordon.She tells Jordon she told Lumen everything as he requested(very odd!)Jordon then tells the woman that she made him everything he is today.Hmmm so curious where this is headed!

Dex and Lumen preparing for the kill,Lumen pretending to stab with Dex knife collection,meanwhile Liddy is stalked outside watching and everything!He has bugged the room!How will this turn out!Hes got the goods on Dex now!

Jorden set up Dex and Lumen.He knows there going after Alex.He stalks the house and sees them break in.He then calls Deb and makes up a story about Alex calling him and he looks guilty so off Deb and Quinn go to Alex house!

Dexter has Alex prepared to be killed and Lumen wants to kill him.Dex unsure if she can looks so excited that she goes through and kills him.Meanwhile Deb and Quinn closing in.Yikes!

Deb and Quinn break in Im thinking omg!They are going to find Dexter and Lumen killing this guy.But noooo they tricked us the kill room was set up in a empty house on the same street.But Deb is fiquaring things out.She sees a small  fresh footprint in Alex driveway and thinks the 13th victim is alive and a vigilante.

It ends with Lumen giving herself to Dexter(seen that coming way back when!!!)To me it seems like they are soul mates.Dex had found his female version!Wonder how this relationship will turn out.

Great episode tonight!Only two more!Were nearing the end and these last two should be explosive!

Nov 29, 2010 @ 01:59 am

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