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Do you like to laugh? The Last Talk Show is everyday people talking about fun stuff. With such offbeat topics as whether pineapple belongs on pizza, and if pigs will ever fly, this relatable YouTube show takes an engaging and often hilarious approach

John Pointer

Many fans of The Last Talk Show are first drawn in by host and creator John Pointer’s trademark funny wig, crazy shoes and smile that exudes joy. But they stick around by the thousands because each episode makes them feel good and makes them feel heard. 

The Last Talk Show, which made its YouTube debut in January 2020, is blowing up in popularity around the globe. Its unique premise: It is everyday people analyzing our culture, and talking about some of life’s craziest subjects. 

A huge fan of the talk show genre, Pointer came up with the idea for The Last Talk Show after observing that most talk shows only give a platform to people with clout. “Everyone knows celebrities’ opinions. We hear from them all the time. Why not have regular people sharing their viewpoints and experiences? My dad taught me years ago to treat everyday people like celebrities, and celebrities like everyday people. We’re giving a voice to regular people, in a professional format. And we’re doing it in a light, humorous way.” 

While the show’s first guests were friends as well as Pointer’s dad and grandmother, The Last Talk Show rapidly found momentum. “People were soon reaching out to us, saying, “This guy’s fun. I just want to sit and laugh with him!” I’ve now had more than 100 guests from all over the world. Our season three fan favorite was a young lady from Poland.” 

There’s no shortage of topics  

Pointer takes an unusual inside-out approach to show topics. “Social media does the work for me. It’s a beast! Twitter is one of the craziest social media platforms out there. If it’s trending in the news, people want to talk about it. The public has been ready for this for a long time. Even my grandma has a Facebook account! Yet no one is doing what we’re doing. 

“We may pull popular memes and analyze them. Or, I may ask if aliens exist. We’ve debated Krispy Kreme vs. Dunkin Donuts. One of our greatest debates of all happened when I asked, should pineapple be on pizza? That gets people rowdy!” 

But the well-spoken host steers clear of religion, politics and provocative subjects, well aware that the show’s fans range from children to seniors. “Knowing that children (and my grandma!) watch us helps me to be mindful. I bleep out any profanity. I don’t ever want to have something the whole family couldn’t watch.” He adds, “Even at this stage when we’re still building our fan base, it’s a blessing that I can be a positive role model. There are kids wanting to dress as me for Halloween.”  

New laughs arrive frequently   

New episodes of The Last Talk Show are released on Mondays and Fridays. While Pointer does all of the editing and wears multiple other hats, he is supported by a professional team of set photographers, camera people, a producer and a director. He’s quick to also give credit to the craft services team for providing meals to crew and guests. 

The Last Talk Show crew and followers also find joy in giving back. “We did a challenge last December with our followers and raised $550 for St. Jude Children’s Hospital. Every year, we plan to do something similar.”  

While The Last Talk Show gives viewers a reprieve from more serious events happening around them, Pointer says something deeper and perhaps less anticipated is also happening. “We are gaining a better understanding of our world. We’re learning from each other as we watch each show. We’re opening our minds. Everyone craves a sense of community, and because this is everyday people expressing their views, our shows are very relatable.” 

More than 10,000 followers now tune in regularly to enjoy Pointer’s innate ability to infuse humor into discussions about everyday topics. He’s down to earth. He’s genuine. And it’s easy to see that he’s having the time of his life. For his part, Pointer says he’s eager to see where this upbeat experience takes him. He smiles as he repeats the show’s tagline: “Others have come before us. Others will come after us. But this is The Last Talk Show.” 


Subscribe to The Last Talk Show and follow them on Instagram@thelasttalkshow to add a little laughter to your life.


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