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Hey Guys!

I know you guys are a great resource for recipes, and was wondering if you guys have any SUPER easy and quick recipes for people on-the-go. I would love to spend hours cooking and making gorgeous entrees but I honestly don't have the time and am tired of eating the same old thing!

Help would be greatly appreciated :)

Thanks gals!
Dec 20, 2010 @ 02:59 pm

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Quick meals

I find I use my crockpot so much!You can cook anything in it.Just throw everything in it and let it slow quick.Pasta,chili,soup,rice and chicken,roasts,scallop potatoes etc.

-Stir frys are always so quick,veg and meat and brown minute rice.

-tortilla wraps/just throw salad and meat in them and wrap.

-rice paper wraps are awesome!Just soften the wraps for a second in hot water and for the filling use a pack of the coleslaw shredded mix,green onions,bean sprouts,cilantro and fine rice noodles that have been softened in hot water as well for a minute(shredded meat if you want I always make mine veggie).For a dip mix sweet chili and hoisein sauce.There also so fun to wrap up!They stick together really well so just wrap them in saran wrap and off you go with them!

pizza shells premade/pizza sauce/veg/meat and shredded cheese.

A very super quick tasty soup.Butternut squash soup
Diced butternut squash(you can even get it precut and cubed)
diced onions,chicken stock or bouillon,butter,salt and pepper(I add diced potatoes as well but you dont have to)cover with water/cook until everything is cooked and use a braun hand blender and blend..So simple but tastes so creamy and smooth youd swear theres tons of cream through it!

Dec 20, 2010 @ 10:35 pm

Mmmm butternut squash soup!

Do you happen to have a good recipe for the butternut squash soup you could share, bren? :)
Dec 21, 2010 @ 09:52 am

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