Flirting to get what you want


I just read this hilarious post on that about a female student Facebooking her TA. About getting some extra credit. Here’s the convo:

Hey Todd, thanks for being a great TA this semester. Your so smart… and CUTE! ;)I was hoping I could ask for a favour. I didn’t do very well on the last test (as you know haha) and if I don’t pass my parents are going to kill me. Is there something we could work out to get my grade up? I’m up for anything. Hope to hear from you soon, Caroline

Caroline, thanks for the kind words. I understand your predicament, but unfortunately we aren’t offering any extra credit at this point in the semester. Sorry! Todd

Oh no, really? I was worried about that. Maybe we could arrange something else? I’m desperate. – Caroline

I’ll tell you what. There are still a few student studies going on – if you joing them for the remainder of the semester I’ll add 5 points to your grade. Does that seem fair? If so, I’ll make the arrangements. The time commitment would be 2 -3 hours Tuesday night. – Todd

Wow, that is so sweet of you. Unfortunately I don’t have Tuesdays free. Is there something I can do for u personally instead? – Caroline

I do not have any studies going on at the moment, unfortunately. I’m afraid assisting your fellow students is the only option at this point. – Todd

I’d rather assist you. ;) – Caroline

As I mentioned before, I don’t have any studies going on at the moment. Would you like me to ask Professor XYZ? He may need some help – Todd

I don’t think you understand – I’m really not interested in any extra work. Why don’t you come over tonight and we can discuss my grade in the morning? – Caroline

Caroline, I understand perfectly well what you are trying to do and I had hoped you would have gotten the hint by now. Obviously I do not entertain those kinds of relationships with my students and if you continue t harass me I will have to discuss this with the dean. – Todd

I was laughing so hard when I got to the end of this. I can’t even imagine what this girl was thinking and good for this TA for not getting involved in anything shady. 
Now I’m curious, have you guys ever used flirting to try and get something you wanted?

Apr 12, 2011 @ 12:47 pm

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too funny

Thanks for posting, that was hilarious!
Apr 12, 2011 @ 12:51 pm


Is that for real? lol !! :)
Apr 12, 2011 @ 01:33 pm

have in the past....

but it's such a 'cheap' move.....

This was hilarious by the way! I saw this movie called Daydream Nation and it reminds me of Kat Dennings character-she ends up seducing her teacher.
Apr 12, 2011 @ 01:47 pm


Wow, thanks for sharing Lauren. That was so good for a laugh! I cracked up when I read his final response. How embarrassing!

I don't "flirt" per se. But I do butter my husband up and bat my eyelashes *angel face*

Apr 12, 2011 @ 01:59 pm

I'm pretty sure it's real!

I think a lot of us have done it in the past (flirting that is... not trying to seduce a surperior). @meredithk - I haven't seen that, is it any good?
Apr 12, 2011 @ 02:07 pm

I know secondary embarrassment right here!

@beachbabe - I couldn't believe she didn't get the hint earlier. (Not that I would EVER do anything like this but) In here situation I would have gotten scared/deterred after his 2nd message.
Apr 14, 2011 @ 04:56 pm

oh gosh

That girl must have been desperate! Hahaha!
Apr 14, 2011 @ 05:16 pm

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