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Freebie Friday!

Ali de Bold

Our friends at HeyDoYou are having a big bash around the Shopaholic theme on February 12th. It is not a screening to see the film (we're actually planning one of those - stay tuned!), rather a big cocktail party "for those who love retail therapy, statement jewelry, fashion everything, beauty products, taking photos, Facebooking them, looking great, and trendsteering."

With music from Toronto’s #1 female dj - dj Lissa Monét “Profile pic worthy” photography from Flash Velvet, true beauty junkies know about Make Up Forever, best party dresses from Brazen Hussy, décor by GetFlowered, shopping trivia, raffle prizes include sparkly jewelery from SugarLime, sweet giftbaskets from Dolce Vita Magazine, goodies from Universal Music and lots lots more!

Too much clothes? Bring your donation to our event for our charity clothing drive for Interval House.

I am a Shopaholic will be held at the Fifth Social Club in the heart of Downtown Toronto on Feb 12, 2009 from 8pm onwards.

Limited tickets on sale at Brazen Hussy 803 Queen St W for $35
Also available online at www.heydoyou.com

HeyDoYou Founder, Yvonne Kai is offering 4 free tickets to ChickAdvisor members. To win them, simply respond here in the forums saying why you want them. Two of you will each win a pair.

Good luck!
Jan 16, 2009 @ 11:10 am

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Free tickets to 'I am a Shopaholic' would mean 2 V-days in 1 week!

Would love a pair of tickets to 'I am a Shopaholic' becuase it would be like Valentine's Day all week long - Me and my BFFF could go on a 'date' to 'I am a Shopaholic' on the 12th and then I get to spend V-Day with my fiance 2 days later!
Jan 16, 2009 @ 05:30 pm

Sounds great!!!

This sounds like a great event! And a good opporunity to clean out my closet and donate some clothes to a good cause! I am definitly interested! :) Please put my name "in the hat".


Jan 16, 2009 @ 06:42 pm


Maybe I should have read more carefully... I would love a pair of these tickets because I am a true Shopaholic. If I have 30 minutes to spare before work, I will probably go to a mall and walk around the shops. Bored on the weekend?... to the mall i go!!! I spend countless hours online looking for the best sales and deals and even more hours chasing them in my spare time. I truely enjoy spending my money on clothes, accessories, decor items, shoes, ... anything! The only thing I do not enjoy about it is the credit card bill every month! I am at my happiest when I can find something I love on sale or for a great price! I am a bargain-hunting Shopaholic!

This looks like an event I would truely enjoy. I plan on inviting my best friend, whom I refer to as my "Enabler"... she once convinced me to buy a ball gown on impulse!!! No, seriously, a $450 ball gown!! I had NO WHERE to wear it at the time! But it was beautiful! I think I still have it somewhere. I did end up wearing it to a few fancy functions, and I looked great! But I never would have bought it if my "enabler" wasn't there!

If I am not picked, I will definitly look into buying tickets! Hope to see some of you there!
Jan 16, 2009 @ 07:36 pm

I hope I win!

I would love to win the tickets to the "I am a shopaholic" evening. I am a true shopaholic and more than that, I love trying new trends and makeup! plus it would give me and a friend a good reason to go shopping for a true "shopaholic" outfit;)
Jan 19, 2009 @ 11:49 am

pick me! pick me!

I would love ticket to the event because I'd love a chance to treat my friend(s) after they've been treating me. Every time I've had a hard time, they've been there for me through thick and thin...no questions asked. And,,,everyone knows the best trick to getting over things is RETAIL THERAPY! :)

Thank you!
Jan 19, 2009 @ 06:06 pm
Ali de Bold

The Winners are....

So we drew names for this one and the winners are Natalieann and Torgrl

Congrats to both of you and I look forward to seeing you there! I'll email you both for your contact information to get your tickets. :)
Jan 19, 2009 @ 07:03 pm

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