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on Jun 14, 2012 @ 07:15 pm

The other day someone walked past my desk, picked up a can of compressed
air (that we use to clean inside computers) and kept pushing the spray
button.  I looked at him, and he asked me why we're keeping an empty
bottle lying around 'cuz there's nothing in it but air.  LOL.  I stopped
myself from laughing out loud and smiled and told him that the can is
full of compressed air...we use it to clean computer parts, and yes we
pay for air. :-)

So I handled that well, right?  Not laughing at him and all?  Well..... Today I'm retelling my story to my team, and I have already clean
forgotten who this air-person was by the way, and I tell my team that
for the life of me I can't remember who this person is.... so I'm
telling this hilarious story.  One of the managers is sitting right
behind my manager, and he's listening (very nice guy btw); I'm including him in my audience
as I tell my story.  And right as I'm about to go into the funny details
he says "yes it was me I didn't know what compressed air can was
was the first time I saw it.." 

You want to talk about foolish??  I told a funny story about a guy .. in front of him and to him!!!  

apologized profusely .. and then we all shared stories about funny /
dumb things we've all done (I once took out the hard drive of a laptop
not realizing the laptop was still turned on!  Someone else here once
did a 'reply all' to a "goodbye" email with "so long my coloured friend"
- he replied to about 300 people including our CIO!  Really, we're all
full of examples of funny things we've done).  It ended well... I
think.  But boy was I embarrassed!!!

Anyone else have funny embarrassing stories to share?  :-)

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Funny Story on Apr 05, 2016 @ 08:28 pm

so my daughter's laptop was going dark and she says "shake it" so I did! I literally picked it up and shook it! She meant to move the mouse to "wake up" the screen


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