O Music Awards - New!


MTV launched a new website to nominate, vote and crown digital music stars. Here is the blurb from omusicawards.com:

Your life is online, your music is digital, and that’s worth celebrating. The first ever O Music Awards will find and spotlight the must follow artist on Twitter, the most innovative music video, the hottest fan cover, and many more. Who are you following? What fan sites blow you away? You can also submit your own nominee if you think we've missed someone (or something) special.

According to CTV Maria Aragon - the 10-year- old youtube star who took the stage with Gaga – is nominated for Best Fan Cover on MTV's new O Music Awards. Other nominated names Lady Gaga and rapper Tyler the Creator for most innovative artist and must-follow artist on Twitter.

This is one award show you can get directly involved with because winners will be decided by fan voting in social media, with the results shown in real-time. The awards will be presented in a live hour-long webcast April 28 on MTV websites and mobile apps.

To have your say just check out the category page and vote for your favourite.

You can check out the O Music Awards here .

Is this something you would participate in? Who would you vote for?
Apr 06, 2011 @ 11:11 am

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