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Basically in my Anthropology lecture, we got in a huge class discussion about culture shock and opinions of other countries and people. It got me wondering what others think of Americans (I have a general idea, but there are probably some interesting things I have never heard) So tell me what you think of America, Americans,American Government, etc. Feel free to be as stereotypical as you like! xD
Nov 13, 2012 @ 10:17 pm

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I think we're all pretty similar but the stereotype of Americans in Canada is that you guys are really proud. So proud of your country that you don't often know much about other countries, especially Canada. The Internet has helped a lot over the last 10 years but when I was younger I kid you not, I met American's while traveling on more than one occasion that thought we lived in Igloos and were amazed we had electricity, etc. This is not an uncommon story. Of course we didn't find that offensive, just funny.

What are the stereotypes for Canadians?
Nov 13, 2012 @ 10:43 pm


Personally, I love the states. I live in toronto but travel to america quite often, mostly for shopping and sometimes vacations. Your ...well, pretty much everything, is a lot cheaper. My mother moved to atlanta a few years ago, so now I pretty much order stuff to her address during the year and pick it up when I go to visit her and save sooooooo much money.

I know supposedly canada is better because we have "free healthcare", but that's bullshit. Its not free unless you pay for insurance, and thats not even remotely cheap. If you dont get some sort of discount through school or work, you pretty much pay a ton of money for shitty coverage. We get free doctor visits, and then they tell you, you need to buy this and this and pay for this test, and thats not free. And to be perfectly honest, they never told me anything I didnt find on google.

So, while I believe politically wise, America is a mess, I still like to go there. And in other aspects, I think its a fun place to be.

Although, to be perfectly honest, I have noticed a lot more overweight people there then here. In atlanta, when I go to visit my mom, I notice that junk food is very cheap, and fruits & vegetables are very expensive at the stores. So I guesss that kind of explains why, if you dont make a lot of money, you ned up eating cheaper food = junk.
Nov 15, 2012 @ 11:55 pm

Is it pride?

My opinion of America is based on their actions over the last few decades. I think America has so much pride in itself, that it thinks that it is the law of the world. If America doesn't like something, America *takes care of it*. If America doesn't like a ruler of some foreign nation, they will make up sh*t about him, and with absolutely NO proof go into his country, take him out, put themselves in, take him back to America and kill him. Which other nation in the world does something like that?? America takes prisoners of war to concentration camps, tortures them, sodomizes them, humiliates them, refuses to give them 'prisoners of war' status because giving them that status would mean they have to be treated according to human rights laws. Oh and takes pictures so.... so they can show their kids what a great job mommy/daddy did while on army duty? Who else in this world does that!? Seriously, who does that but America?

Clinton came in power, he unfortunately picked the wrong lady to stick his thing into, 'cuz she publicized everything. To take the spotlight away from himself he went ahead and bombed Baghdad. I mean sure he killed over 5000 people in one day, but hey he got his d* caught somewhere it shouldn't have been, so the man needs to do something to avert attention, right? Right.

Bush came in power and during his 'reign of terror' he managed to destroy Afghanistan and Iraq. Two self sustaining countries are now a war zone. We won't talk about all the dead, on both sides of the war.

It's "My way or the highway" but just at a whole new level. As GW Bush said "you're either with us or you're against us".

Is this pride? I don't know if I'd call it pride. More like Hitlerism times a million. Compare how many people Hitler killed, how many countries felt his effect to how many people Americans killed and how many felt their effect? Does it even compare?

Now, I can tell the difference between the average American and the American government. Not always the same thing. I've come across many Americans who stand by the "kill kill we are king" type mentality, and it wasn't pleasant. But I also have many American friends who are great human beings. It's sad though that Americans had people like him representing what could have been a good country teaching peace and innovation by example.

As far as Canada goes: We don't pay for doctor visits. We don't pay for tests. We don't pay for chemo or radiation or any other form of life saving therapy. We don't pay for surgeries. Really, we don't pay for anything other than prescription medicine. I don't think one can truly appreciate how and why Canada IS a better place to live because we live here, enjoy good health and therefore take what we have for granted.

I've never had to pay for any tests. Ever. I go to the doctor, if he recommends tests they book the tests for me, call me with the time and date, and I go get it done for free. The only thing I have to pay for is my medicine.

Insurance is optional, and @malixy, to be perfectly honest, if you're so healthy that you can google your symptoms online, then why would you even need insurance? Heck, why do we even need doctors? We can all google, can't we?

Most good workplaces here offer their employees insurance, so really I don't have to pay for medicine either; that's covered. Universities and Colleges here include insurance for full time students too, so they're covered.

If someone has a chronic illness that requires purchasing expensive medicine regularly then they should get a drug plan. I know people who pay like $100 - $200 every quarter and this insurance covers their really expensive medicine, including having their medicine delivered to their doorsteps. That's honestly dirt cheap.

I work hard, I pay taxes, and I live in a country that supports those that are poor, and offers FREE healthcare, yes free healthcare not "bullshit", to everyone.
Nov 16, 2012 @ 12:58 pm

Americans are just like us

I think we have to be careful not to mix up what the government does with who the people are. There are many countries with rulers who have done terrible things and it is not at all a reflection of what the people who live there are like. Our P.M could do something terrible tomorrow and we would have no control over that.

I think Americans are just like Canadians. Very similar values, aspirations, work ethic, etc. It's just a much larger country and I've noticed the schools really focus on teaching about America vs. including much about the rest of the world. My niece moved to the States several years ago and has already forgotten that we have a Prime Minister, not a President as well as other details that are really obvious - and she's at the top of her class there.

Here, at least when I was little we also learned a bit about American politics and about how many states there are, what their names are, etc as well as information about the rest of the world. I found that valuable.
Dec 03, 2012 @ 12:25 pm

My opinion

I really hope I don't step on any toes here and if I do please forgive me, I am just expressing my opinion but as someone whose parents are from other countries and raised me and my siblings here in the States I believe Americans (as opposed to people in other countries) have a very lazy, entitled mentality. Again, please take no offense to what I am saying here. From driving to eating out they are just horrid. Many of them are stuck in ignorance and have no desire to learn anything outside of their comfort zone let alone of other people/cultures. They say America is the home of the free but we are jailed and fined for the liberties that the Constitution has given us freely. Child Services for instance kidnaps children every day here and give the parents many times (way too often) no option to get them back and they don't get an impartial view. I have met several families this has happened to and research shows that this is quite common.
Dec 11, 2012 @ 09:42 pm

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