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Ali de Bold
on Apr 13, 2007 @ 10:31 am

Every now and then we get free new products from companies looking for reviews. Since this is happening more and more, we thought it would be fun to get a group of you willing to do reviews on these items.

Here's how it works:

Send us an email to with the subject line "Review Club" and whenever we get a freebie that needs reviewing, we'll send it to you or draw names from the group of you depending on how many we get. All we ask in return is that you post a review within 2 weeks of receiving the freebie, which is yours to keep.

This will not affect your ability to win other prizes on the site.


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Ali de Bold
1 point of clarification on Apr 14, 2007 @ 08:34 pm

Once you're in the review club, you're in. You don't have to re-sign up as new stuff comes in. We'll just draw names from the list of people who have joined the review club as new stuff comes along. So chances are, you'll end up reviewing several things a year. One time it may be a book, another time it could be a lipstick - it all depends on how many people sign up and how many freebies we get.

If you have any other questions, ask them here as others are probably wondering the same thing :)

I'm In !! on Jun 04, 2007 @ 09:51 am

This sounds like a lot of fun.

One question please.

Is there any other personal or contact information you need in the email?

! on Jun 04, 2007 @ 10:03 am

I'd like to join as well.

count me in! on Jun 04, 2007 @ 05:17 pm

love this idea! thanks for letting us be apart of the fun too :)

Ali de Bold
personal stuff on Jun 04, 2007 @ 09:36 pm

We ask for your mailing address (so we know where to send the swag), your member name and real name (so we know who you are) and soon we'll also send out a survey so we know more about your skin and hair type and preferences to match everyone with the stuff that best suits them. :D

That's smart on Jun 04, 2007 @ 10:34 pm

Ooooh, that's smart. I like the survey idea. That will (ideally) save you guys some leg work in the end.

Slightly Devious
On board on Jun 11, 2007 @ 07:34 pm

I emailed, but I thought that I would also reply to the thread, just in case!

Great idea! on Jun 19, 2007 @ 01:58 am

I've e-mailed too... can't wait to try things out!

Shoot I emailed but.... on Aug 03, 2007 @ 02:01 pm

I forgot to include my member name - is that going to be a problem?

Ali de Bold
ok for now on Aug 03, 2007 @ 05:07 pm

We do need your member name, but if you've just done it don't worry about it. It's easier to search our database for 1 person than for everyone.

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