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Hi!  I'm new here and I'm not sure if there is already a thread on this topic but my husband's mother had lots of remedies that she passed on down to him and when something happens to my kids, we have used the remedies...the ones I am putting down here are all tried and tested...and they have worked for me!

1.  When your child hits themself and it starts to swell and turn blue, dab some vanilla on it and you will find it will not turn into a nasty bruise.

2.  When your child has a fever, rub the bottom on the feet with Vicks, or rubbing alcohol, put on a pair of socks and the temperature will drop a bit.

3.  Have a headache?  Put a potato on your forehead for about 10 minutes.  You will find the headache has left and the potato has turned black.

4.  Step on a nail and can't get to a hospital?  Wash the wound, take a new penny, put it on the wound, put a bandaid over the penny.  The next day the penny will be black and the would will be fine.

What are some remedies that were passed on down for generations in your family?
Jun 15, 2010 @ 11:39 am

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Some that I use...

  • For minor burns (ex. bumping the frying pan, grease splatters, etc.) immediately put salt on the wound to prevent it from blistering.
  • Raw onion will soothe a bee sting.
  • Hot tea with cinnamon helps to relieve heartburn.
Jun 15, 2010 @ 11:53 am


Oh my gosh I can't believe the potato-headache one! Not that I want a headache today, but I'm REALLY interested in trying that - sounds too good to be true!
Jun 15, 2010 @ 12:13 pm

Great tips!

Here are a few of mine:

For constipation, try orange juice instead of prune juice which can be a little harder on your system.

A clove of garlic a day (raw) keeps the doc away - not that I would personally try it!

Try to let a low-grade fever or mild illness run its course without medicating yourself. You'll recover more quickly and it's a reminder from your body to take it easy!

Stop reading now if you hate TMI....

Breastmilk will soothe many mom & newborn ills:
* use a drop of milk directly in the eye for minor eye infections
* soothe skin irritation in newborns and older babies by pouring a quantity of pumped milk into the bathwater (think Cleopatra?)
* prevent or soothe cracking (from nursing) with expressed milk instead of cream
Jun 15, 2010 @ 12:52 pm


I found out last summer that white vinegar works really well for poison ivy (my boyfriend got is super bad and we tried everything from calamine to baking soda and vinegar was the only thing he said worked!)
Also, this is kind of obvious but I always drink at least a full glass of water before going to bed, on those nights when you have a few too many drinks :P That kills any morning after headaches or general hangover symptoms :)

Jun 15, 2010 @ 08:16 pm

Home remedies.....

Put a copper penny, or anything made of copper, on a bee sting. I remember my uncle doing this when I was a small kid. It seemed to work, believe it or not, because I went from screaming and freaking out to calming down and not being in so much pain.

For burns, immediately put several drops of lavender oil on the area of skin that's been damaged, and reapply as needed. If it's good lavender (there are many different types), it will kill the pain on contact. It will also prevent blistering, peeling and any scarring. It worked every time.

Raw garlic removes warts. It is also incredibly strengthening to the immune system. For warts, cut open a raw clove and tape it to the wart with a band aid and leave it on overnight. Make sure it doesn't slip out overnight while you're sleeping. Maybe put some extra first aid tape on it. Take it off in the morning and take a look. If it hasn't loosened from the skin around it, do it again that night. It might look a bit red, so you can put some lavender on it to sooth it. After a couple days of this, it will literally drop off your body, root and all. I did this for my son years ago when he hasd a massive wart on his hand which started to grow under his thumb nail. It actually fell off the next day. Because the root goes with it, there very well may be an indentation left in your skin where the wart is. Just drop some lavender oil into it and bandage it up. It'll go away very quickly. The reason it works is because garlic is a natural antiviral, and warts are caused by a virus. One last word of caution: if you don't want to stink in the office the next day, make this a weekend treatment :-) The smell of garlic really anchors itself into your skin.

For jelly fish stings, apply plain white vinegar, or any vinegar. It neutralizes the toxins which are causing the very painful stinging. I've had to use this and it works like a hot damn.

For constipation, buy some senna leaves and brew a tea out of it by gently simmering the leaves on the stove, covered, for about 20 minutes. Add some honey. This WILL get anything in there out that doesn't want to move.

For a sore stomach, irritated bowels, heartburn etc, make a tea from plantain leaves. They are extremely soothing to the insides of the digestive tract. I used to use this stuff for my kids faithfully until Bill C51 pulled a lot of common, very useful healing herbs off of Canadian shelves.

Puffy eyes? Soak a couple of teaspoons of dried chunks of comfrey root in warm water overnight, covered. The next day you'll see there is a bunch of gel that has developed. Remove the roots and put the gel into a little sealed container. Save the roots for tea. Store in the fridge to keep it fresh and cold, and apply it to kill puffy eyes in the morning. It feels unbelievably soothing and does reduce swelling under the eyes. Comfrey is used in a lot of eye preparations, which cost a fortune. You can very easily and cheaply make your own.

Another puffy eye remedy: cold tea bags. Save your tea bags after you use them. Throw them into a zip lock bag and into the fridge, wet. Every morning when you wake up, take 2 out and lay them over your eyes as you're drinking your coffee, meditating, etc. It really does work. I believe it's the tanins and caffiene that does it. Many eye preparations on the market also have caffiene in them, if you read the label :-)

If you've got a sliver, chew up a little piece of bread, just til a bit moist, put over the sliver and put a band aid over it. Leave overnight. The next morning, the skin around the sliver will have loosened up and will make it very easy to get the sliver out without having to really dig it out with a needle. It kind of brings it to the surface. In my husband's area of Indonesia, they rub the area which has a sliver in it against the hair. It supposedly helps it come out. According to my husband, he always did this as a kid and it always worked haha :-) Maybe try it some time! I asked him, what do you do if the sliver is in your foot? 'Ask a friend to borrow their head,' he says, very seriously! ROTFLMAO

Toothache? Suck on some raw cloves or put some clove powder over the area that's hurting. It works in the same way that stuff you can get in the drug store does.

Food poisoning? You could drink that activated charcoal stuff, which is putrid, or you could just drink the water that's inside a fresh coconut. I noticed this got used in Indonesia on stupid tourists who OD on too much extasy or drank too much alcohol. It helps flush the toxins out of the body which make you 'mabuk' (drunk/stoned) and sobers you up. It can also save a person's life. The locals would freak out and be worried if some ignoramous up and died in their establishment or on their island, due to too much irresponsible partying, so they'd quickly climb up a tree and knock a few down, whack the tops off with a machete and stick a straw in the hole of each for the fool to drink. They also use it in the case that somebody's stomach is feeling bad after eating dodgy food. It really does work. I've tried it myself and also given it to my kids when they were feeling not too great there.

Other stomach problems? Ulcers? Etc? Drink aloe vera juice. It heals you from the inside out. Doesn't taste great, but you can buy litre botles of it and mix it with fresh pineapple or juice some fresh apples to mix with it to kill the taste. Otherwise, it's extremely bitter. Our aloe vera here is lame lame lame. In South East Asia, they grow to monstrous proportions. My best friend there, her father grew them as a hobby - he was Balinese. He had the most beautiful aloe plants I have ever seen. Amazing!

Want darker hair, and stronger hair? Pack on some aloe vera and let it sit as a hair masque for as long as you want. Obviously, the longer the better. Another traditional Indonesian practice.

Depressed? Grow a St. John's Wort plant in a pot, year round. When it flowers, soak the blooms in olive oil in a glass jar and place outside in the sun in the summer/spring or in a warm, sunny window in the winter. The olive oil will turn bright red. Take a couple tablespoon fulls of this every day. My grandmother always made this. You can also use it for the skin, but having problems remembering for what.

Arthritis? Use pure, straight lavender oil (20 drops) mixed with oregano oil (15 drops) and some avocado oil ( 50 ml) and rub into arthritic joints. My grandmother is more than 90 years old and has been using this since I first told her about it, about 15 years. It has helped a lot painwise and kept all the joints in her fingers from forming into those hard, inflexible, claw-like mits.

Difficulty digesting your food? Eat some fresh papaya. It sooths the stomach and intestines and helps you digest your food due to the enzymes in it. If you notice in the health food store, they sell 'papain' I believe it's spelled. These are papaya enzymes. But fresh works far faster and more effectively.

Baby has colic? Gently simmer some caraway and fennel seeds in water. Maybe a tsp of each in about 4 cups of water. Simmer on low/med for about 20 minutes, in a glass pot, covered. Leave to cool to room temperature. This can be safely given to babies on a frequent basis to calm tummy ahces. This is the same stuff that is in what they call 'gripe water', but fresh and lean, made in your own kitchen.

Mosquito bite? Indonesians use papaya leaves. Smash it up in a mortar and pestle until the juices of the leaves are coming out a lot. Apply this mash to the bites.

Malaria? haha Papaya leaves again. Smash em up til completely pulverized, mix with boiling water in a cup, let cool slightly and drink warm. This actually does work due to the chemical compounds in the leaves. I got malaria one time, didn't realiza what was wrong with me and nearly died on a tiny tropical island. The local medicine woman picked papaya leaves from her tree and made this preparation for me. It worked, obviously, cause I'm still here :-) The above 2 could be useful to somebody who is traveling one day and in a remote area. If nobody's around, you could very well help yourself with this. If you're in the jungle with no mortar and pestle LOL, just pick the leaves, chew them up really well and swallow. It could very well save your life.

Got a boil or 2?? Smash up a peeled, raw potato until it's completely pulverized and you can form it into a paste. Cover the boil with it, wrap with a length of cloth or some gauze, leave on overnight. Change in the morning with fresh potato (not the one from the day before; use a small one or cook the rest you're not using so you don't waste it). Continue doing this twice a day. Fresh potato in the morning and then again, a fresh application before you go to bed. It should start clearing up in a few days. If it's a really bad one, it may take a week. But it beats going in and getting one of those suckers lanced! Gahhhh!! I don't know why it works, but it does. This is a Javanese remedy (from Java, in Indonesia, where my husband is from).

Want to lighten your hair? Slowly simmer a couple of cups of chammomile flowers and calendula petals in a very large pot of water. Yes, only glass or stainless steel, no teflon, aluminum or copper. Keep it covered til the water reduces to half. Let it cool, covered, and store in the fridge in a pitcher or a spray bottle which you can use for your hair. Spray in your hair after washing and go out in the sun. Or use as a fiinal rinse after shampooing, not after conditioning (it won't penetrate the hair much, otherwise). It's better if you can leave it in for a while (it doesn't smell bad, but if you don't like the smell, add a few drops of pure essential oils to the mix). Weekends are better for this type of thing so you can have it be more effective.

Eczema? Get some cheap cheap cheap zinc oxide powder and apply to itchy, weeping patches. It helps dry it up gently, getting rid of the dead, damaged skin on top, and heals it up very fast.

Yeah, sorry it's so long :-) HOLY CRAP, it's family is Russian on both sides and I grew up with whacks of folk remdies, as well as picked up a lot of my own along the way traveling around. But they really do work :-)

Jun 16, 2010 @ 02:07 am

I forgot some!!

Weird, but my bf's mum has a gold ring she uses to get rid of styes/whatever on your eyelid/eye. Apparently she just touches it with the gold and it usually vanishes within a day or so.
Also I know for a fact that using an old teabag will get rid of infections like pink eye, etc. Just make yourself a cup and once the bag has cooled down you can put it right on your eye for a half hour, it really does the trick.
*So many different tricks and remedies eh?! Some are kinda weird but alot of them do make sense....
Jun 16, 2010 @ 04:57 pm
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if you have the hiccups, take a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar and a teaspoon of sugar together and the hiccups are gone. i have actually tried this and it worked for me.
Jun 17, 2010 @ 02:11 am

Uhhhh....yeast infections? LOL

Yeah, a topic every woman LURVS to discuss. But there IS a cheap, easy cure, with no side effects or disgusting creams or pills to pop up yer quiff.....

Take a good quality tampon, such as OB, soak it in tea tree oil and lavender oil (essential oils, ladies, NOT fragrance oils!!). Get it really wet with those oils, and nothing else. Pop that bad boy up there overnight, as far up as you can get it. Do NOT use a tampon with fragarnce, for the love of god. You'll just end up irritating an already extremely uncomfortable condition. Best time to do this is overnight. The next morning, remove your little friend. I'm usually pretty amazed at this point at what comes out with the tampon LOL If the itchies persist, do it again for a couple more nights, til no more itching and burning can be felt.

I tell ya, the relief that this provides is absolutely stellar! I figured this out while living overseas and having access to nothing but my essential oils and my OBs. Life saver!
Jun 23, 2010 @ 07:27 pm

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