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The Sob Story Contest

Ali de Bold

Ok, think of this as therapy for your broken heart. Spill your ugliest, saddest or silliest breakup story here under this forum topic and get a free Transition Man Soap*, courtesy of Corner Office Beauty + ChickAdvisor.

Go ahead! Wash that man right out of your, er, hands. Slough those bad memories off with this citrucy minty (and lightly exfoliating), soap and just fugheddabouthim!

A few pointers:

1. This is meant to be for fun, not make fun of your pain. All bean-spillers must be treated with absolute respect and sympathy by fellow members. Remember, we've all been there!

2. If you'd like to mark your story as annonymous, please do! Just email us with a link to your entry so we know where to send the soap at info@chickadvisor.com. We promise we won't tell anyone it's you!

3. It's probably a good idea to use fake names rather than mentioning your ex's real name. Ya know, the whole slander thing. Not fun.

*Offer runs until March 31, 2007. While supplies last.
Feb 24, 2007 @ 11:01 pm

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Cheating Bastard

I dated this guy for a few months and it was a huge mistake. He is a very scheming person and lies to everyone. It took me a while to figure that out. I should have suspected since he was at odds with his landlord and roommates and he had just lost his job when I met him.

Now that I'm writing this I can't believe I even considered dating such a loser. Anyway, after a couple of weeks of hanging out with him I decided he wasn't the right guy for me, but as I was about to tell him, he went on about how he was abused by a priest as a young boy and that he was to appear in a court case about the matter as a witness for another case.

Deep down I didn't really believe him but I thought if it was true I'd be a real jerk to say oh that's too bad, see you later. So I stayed with him for a bit, mostly out of sympathy. Funny though he never mentioned it again. That should have been my first clue. He also pretended to be interested in going to church with me, which was all an act and had a temper.

I loaned him my car for a weekend here or there where he said he needed to visit friends out of town, but I later found out he was meeting up with another girl for the whole weekend since I saw some emails he wrote to her saying sorry, I really want to see you this weekend but I don't have the car (after I told him he couldn't use my car that weekend). I also found a series of emails to his ex girlfriend saying he couldn't get over her and begging to get back together. All of this and he was telling me he loved me.

After i broke up with him he sent harrassing emails to a couple of my friends and propositioned my roommate. He then proceeded to stalk me for at least 6 months and would send text messages to my cell phone describing to me where I was. It was extremely creepy. I just thought, what a loser! Clearly you were never interested in me in the first place or you never would have been cheating with multiple girls - why bother stalking me?

It's been a long time but I'm glad it's over and I've met a real man.
Feb 25, 2007 @ 11:50 am

He compared me to a car

I dated this loser who basically broke up with me by comparing me to a car. He explained that while I was a Mercedes (quality, reliable, expensive, nice) he wanted a BMW (flashy, expensive, etc). To make me feel better he told me he'd recently been interested in a Tiberon (nice to look at, but cheap quality).

I told the jerk that I hoped he got everything he deserved and wished him much success in finding a similar quality "car" to himself, specifically, a Lada (cheap russian built brand that sells for less than any domestic

When I bumped into him at a club a few years later with my boyfriend (a real man), he acted like he was so excited to see me and wanted to reconnect. I told him it was great to see him too especially since it gave me an opportunity to tell him what an asshole he was. His dejected "Lada" ass left the bar shortly thereafter.
Feb 25, 2007 @ 06:51 pm

Silly Silly Story

This is very different from the previous two stories. A lighter note... !
I dated a guy for a little while, and it didn't work out because he couldn't get over his self esteem issues.
He was a really sweet guy, but it didn't work for me because I needed someone who wasn't so afraid to take the initiative with everything in our relationship. I was making all of the efforts when it came to calling each other, dates, etc etc. I planned everything, and he would just go along with it.

I thought that if you liked someone enough that you would go out of your shell for them. Either he just really couldn't get over himself, or he just wasn't that into me, haha.

Come to think about it, I don't think that I that into him either. LOL.

So I had to end it, and he apologized that he couldn't be a more social person. I thought that was sweet of him, because I didn't think that he was his fault. It just wasn't meant to work.

A few weeks later, I started dating a new guy, and things were mnuch different. We are both very happy today.

I still talk to Mr. X, and he has told me that he has a girlfriend. I certainly hope she is someone he can talk to! It didn't work out and that is perfectly fine, because we just didn't have the right chemistry. But we were both able to find someone else to fit the puzzle piece, and yet still acknowledge and keep the one that didn't fit.
Mar 23, 2007 @ 09:57 pm

Do you want to get a free soap or not?

I don't have a great story that will entitle me to a freebie, but I noticed that some of you do. Yet you post your tales anonymously - helloooo? lol
Apr 14, 2007 @ 10:00 am
Ali de Bold

They still get the freebie

As per these instructions here: :P

2. If you'd like to mark your story as annonymous, please do! Just email us with a link to your entry so we know where to send the soap at info@chickadvisor.com. We promise we won't tell anyone it's you!
Apr 14, 2007 @ 03:01 pm

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