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What type of videos games do you play and which system?


I like to play Warframe and Destiny on my PS4 and Fable 1,2 and 3 on my 360.
Feb 10, 2018 @ 02:34 pm

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I love RPGs mostly. Can't wait for the remake of Final Fantasy 7! Just finished Death Stranding and Red Dead Redemption recently.
Jan 13, 2020 @ 09:20 pm


I prefer using PC but also have an XBOX ONE. My favourite game of all time is UT 2004
Jan 21, 2020 @ 01:06 pm


I enjoy playing co-op games with my fiance. Right now we are playing Borderlands together on the PS4.
Feb 12, 2020 @ 01:26 pm


Silent Hill, Resident Evil and Assasins Creed were a few of my favorites. Now that I have 3 kids 4 and under I don't really have too much time to sit and concentrate on a game. I would constantly be interrupted so I just try to keep them quiet in the evening so my husband can play racing games. Maybe when they get older I will be able to enjoy gaming on occasion. I used to play video games with my now 20 year old when he was young. I hated Call of Duty but he always wanted the special edition cause it came out near his birthday and on occasion he would get me to play.
Mar 24, 2020 @ 03:13 pm

I love gaming!

I love Fable! I have played any of them for years, but Fable 2 is one of my favorite games of all time!! I am a gamer and have played way too many games to list here! I played dragon age origins when it came out and was pretty obsessed until I beat it. I didn’t bother with the second one I think it’s inquisition? It didn’t have the aspects I enjoyed from the first game. I love Fallout and play Fallout76 from time to time and just redownloaded Fallout4 because I love that game. Currently I have mostly been playing World of Warcraft though. I started playing WoW when it first came out 15 years ago but I’ve taken breaks. Until about 4 months ago I hadn’t played in like 6 years. I have 3 kids (11, 10, and 3) so I don’t get as much time to play games as I use to have before kids, but I’ve figured out certain games I can play that allow for disruption. I couldn’t play League of legends, call of duty or anything like that because they require too much focus and you can’t just stop to tend to kids. I don’t do dungeons, raids or battle grounds that often in WoW because they also aren’t AFK friendly lol mostly just quest and work on achievements, professions, collections, and pet battles lol I also play candy crush on and off I think I’m at level like 800 or something...I do try other app games but haven’t found many I enjoy and don’t know where to start...I would love to play the new animal crossing because I loved the old one and use to play it all the time!
Mar 25, 2020 @ 08:24 am

Xbox Gamer

I play Player Unknown Battlegrounds (PUBG) all the time, been a "daily" player about 2 years now. I also have Call Of Duty Modern Warfare & Black Ops 4
Apr 01, 2020 @ 02:47 pm


I like to play sudoku
Jun 01, 2020 @ 04:30 pm

Nintendo Switch

My favorite console is Nintendo Switch and I like to play nintendo 3ds games online because this game graphic so nice.
Nov 25, 2020 @ 06:16 am

nintendo switch

legend of zelda, mario party, smash brothers
Jan 12, 2021 @ 09:24 am


Not so much into video games anymore, but I’ve recently tried animal crossing on Nintendo switch. It’s a lot of fun. I also like Mario kart.

I used to play a lot of DS growing up. Harvest moon was a favorite!
Jan 31, 2021 @ 05:43 pm

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