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What type of videos games do you play and which system?


I like to play Warframe and Destiny on my PS4 and Fable 1,2 and 3 on my 360.
Feb 10, 2018 @ 07:34 pm

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Borderlands 3 on Xbox!
Jan 13, 2020 @ 01:23 am


I love RPGs mostly. Can't wait for the remake of Final Fantasy 7! Just finished Death Stranding and Red Dead Redemption recently.
Jan 14, 2020 @ 02:20 am


I prefer using PC but also have an XBOX ONE. My favourite game of all time is UT 2004
Jan 21, 2020 @ 06:06 pm


I enjoy playing co-op games with my fiance. Right now we are playing Borderlands together on the PS4.
Feb 12, 2020 @ 06:26 pm


I personally love playing video games cause they involve me in virtual reality. I play a game called SmallWorlds . It’s a virtual world where you can create an avatar and go around either collecting rares as you go along, doing missions, or just chatting with people from all around the globe. Really a great one. Also I love playing slots on best online casino sites . Just for fun
Mar 23, 2020 @ 01:56 pm


Silent Hill, Resident Evil and Assasins Creed were a few of my favorites. Now that I have 3 kids 4 and under I don't really have too much time to sit and concentrate on a game. I would constantly be interrupted so I just try to keep them quiet in the evening so my husband can play racing games. Maybe when they get older I will be able to enjoy gaming on occasion. I used to play video games with my now 20 year old when he was young. I hated Call of Duty but he always wanted the special edition cause it came out near his birthday and on occasion he would get me to play.
Mar 24, 2020 @ 07:13 pm

I love gaming!

I love Fable! I have played any of them for years, but Fable 2 is one of my favorite games of all time!! I am a gamer and have played way too many games to list here! I played dragon age origins when it came out and was pretty obsessed until I beat it. I didn’t bother with the second one I think it’s inquisition? It didn’t have the aspects I enjoyed from the first game. I love Fallout and play Fallout76 from time to time and just redownloaded Fallout4 because I love that game. Currently I have mostly been playing World of Warcraft though. I started playing WoW when it first came out 15 years ago but I’ve taken breaks. Until about 4 months ago I hadn’t played in like 6 years. I have 3 kids (11, 10, and 3) so I don’t get as much time to play games as I use to have before kids, but I’ve figured out certain games I can play that allow for disruption. I couldn’t play League of legends, call of duty or anything like that because they require too much focus and you can’t just stop to tend to kids. I don’t do dungeons, raids or battle grounds that often in WoW because they also aren’t AFK friendly lol mostly just quest and work on achievements, professions, collections, and pet battles lol I also play candy crush on and off I think I’m at level like 800 or something...I do try other app games but haven’t found many I enjoy and don’t know where to start...I would love to play the new animal crossing because I loved the old one and use to play it all the time!
Mar 25, 2020 @ 12:24 pm

Xbox Gamer

I play Player Unknown Battlegrounds (PUBG) all the time, been a "daily" player about 2 years now. I also have Call Of Duty Modern Warfare & Black Ops 4
Apr 01, 2020 @ 06:47 pm

Online and board games

I like playing games. When I'm alone, I play mostly online games like World of Tanks, World of Warships and mr.bet casino games nz. When my friends and I get together, we enjoy playing board games. My favourite is Monopoly, but we we also enjoy MTG and Scrabble.
May 20, 2020 @ 01:32 pm

fun games

I have usually got one big game and one or two smaller games going from http://fungames.buzz/ . That's just what I'm focused on at the time, though. I've got multiple long games that I've put some time into, but are just on the back burner for whatever reason.

Jun 01, 2020 @ 08:54 am

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