51 Things I have learned over 51 years


51 things I have learned this far.In no particular order.

1.If your brother threatens to throw worms in your long hair ,take him at face value and run like hell.
2.Do not put buttered bread on the toaster.
3.Dont climb on counter tops.
4.Smile at a random people .
5.Skip,don't walk.
6.Dont ever stand for BS
7.Treat your spirit with kindness .
8.Try and find something positive from a negative situation
9.Be authentic to yourself and others.
10.Golden retrievers shed ALOT
11.You are never too old to rock red lipstick.
12.Rainy days are for snoozing.
13.This too shall pass.
14.One really good friend is worth more than a handful of acquaintances.
15.Golden retrievers shed ALOT (bears repeating)
16.Its OK to have non productive days.
17.Take your time when applying black nail polish.
18.Being immature sometimes is appropriate.
19.In public places ,check who is around first before you let one rip.
20.Singing at the top of your lungs when alone makes dogs bark
21.Don't play air hockey with your siblings ..they cheat!
22.Be silly once in awhile.
23.Butter is 1000000 better than margarine
24.Eating dog fur won't make you sick.
25.When serving spicy food for dinner,delegate your husband to the spare room for the night.
26.Country life is better than city life.
27.Bawling cows sound like chainsaws
28.Peanut butter and grape jelly sandwiches for dinner is ok.
29.Running through a field of clover barefoot is just plain dumb.
30.Mud works on bee stings. (After running through a field of clover while barefoot)
31.Crying cleanses.
32.Driving a motorcycle really fast is FUN
33.Learning to quiet your mind allows your spirit to speak.
34.Ghosts are real.
35.Baking chocolate tastes just as good as a chocolate bar.
36.Short bread cookies and mince meat tarts taste better frozen.
37.Giving soneone the middle finger sometimes just feels right .
38.That I am a hippy at heart
39.That I have a big mushy heart
40.That painting my toe nails now requires near impossible contortions and at least an hour of time.
41.There is absolute beauty in everything.
42. Iam a dong(thanks son)
43.That most of what I learned as a child no longer applies as an adult.
44.Negative thoughts serve no purpose in my life.
45.I love pickled beets !
46.Raising kids was the hardest but most rewarding job I've ever had
47.Sharing life with your soul mate is A gift from God.
48.Frolicking lambs make me smile.
49.HOLY CRAP Goldens shed ALOT!!
50.That I have so much more to learn

51.Being happy doesn't mean you can't be sad now and then and that's ok
as long as you realize that life is like that Take your time and really
pay attention to the little details.Embrace every moment and praise
every day.Rejoice!!

Oct 15, 2015 @ 02:49 pm

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Excellent.....Here's my list 1.Love yourself before anyone else can love you 2.Don't be jealous and/or envious. It can eat you up inside 3.Hold your head up and be self assured 4.Love and respect each other 5.Please be kind to animals;if you're not, you're no good 6.Enjoy the little things in life eg:a child's happiness,the sound and sight of nature 7.Food is one of the pleasures in life but that doesn't mean you have to kill yourself with a fork by compulsive overeating 8.Nothing nice to say?Walk away 9.Be honest, kind, and caring 10. Cherish and appreciate how lucky you are to have been loved by your parents, siblings, and others.
Oct 15, 2015 @ 04:56 pm

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