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Can't wait to hear what you come up with!
Jan 06, 2010 @ 03:15 pm

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Band: Like Lions

Check them out on MySpace:

(Song recommendations: Make It Better; Trust)

More Like Lions songs:


(Song recommendations: Cheap Seats; We Go Everywhere)
Jan 07, 2010 @ 12:41 pm

Thanks ppolly!

I'll check these out tomorrow!
Jan 07, 2010 @ 04:41 pm


The Gabe Dixon Band!!


They've made a name for themselves in NYC and Nashville, TN (though I would not classify them as country). Combine Billy Joel's piano w/ John Mayer-esque singing and a twist of jazz and you've got GDB.

I went to undergrad w/ Gabe and his bandmates. I didn't know any of them very well, but we shared mutual friends. They're a great bunch of guys.
Jan 08, 2010 @ 01:28 pm

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