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April Fools

Ali de Bold

Is anyone planning anything? Have any good ideas? Every year I want to do something but don't think of it in time.
Apr 01, 2009 @ 09:00 am

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Here is what we did to one of our colleagues....joke is still going strong.

We changed the letter M&N, G and H on his computer keyboard and everytime he goes to type the wrong letter pops up..it's hilarious. We told him it's a virus and to call the I.T. department....he said he will this afternoon...hahaha....

Note: This joke works best on a hunt and peck typer...since I'm a touch typer it wouldn't work that well on me.
Apr 01, 2009 @ 12:24 pm


Oh my gosh, that is tooooo funny!
Apr 01, 2009 @ 03:47 pm


That's a great gag!! :)

I went on a date yesterday, which, at times felt like a joke!! Maybe I was getting pranked!!?? (I don't think there will be another date... why are guys so weird!!!??)
Apr 02, 2009 @ 08:32 am


awww patricia sorry ur date went so bad! not to sound repetitive, but damn girl common things happen to us! i recently went out on a "non-date" ....and it was terrrrriiiiiiiiible !!!! briefly, the guy was texting his friend back and forth the entire time (more like Instant Messaging 'cuz texting takes longer than he was taking!). He chose a horror movie which i did not want to watch, so he chose another one (didn't even ask me once what i wanted to watch!), kept his sunglasses on almost the entire time... would do stupid things like stand right on the yellow line on the subway platform so it looks kinda scary when a train is coming (looks like he's gonna get hit) ... SIGH !!! was that even a date or was I babysitting?? or perhaps it was an early april fool on me! lol

One of my friends at work called me, very professionally transferred another person over to my phone and the poor guy thought I had asked to be conferenced with him. After the prankster had hung up, I explained the situation to the other guy and we conferenced my friend to thank him for conferencing us because we were trying to get a hold of eachother, etc (total lie btw) so he ended up thinking his april fools was a waste because he ended up doing us a favour ;-)

Another friend of mine texted me while I was standing around talking to our dept VP. The VP who looks like a very proper gentleman (and is very funny and witty inside!!!), hears the text chime, snifs the air and says "I think i smell something.." (as in that sound was me releasing gas, and he smelt it). It was on the tip of my tongue to say "what can I say i have musical underwear" but i couldn't..its him i couldn't say that! Also he always looks so proper, it took me a few seconds to realize i really did hear what i thought i heard and he really did mean it that way lol

Not to worry I have retribution planned! I have a comic with an old woman saying "its April Fool's Day - could jut as well be called "April Men's day" couldn't it?" - I'm going to enlarge that, put it in bubble wrap, wrap it up as much as I can to make it as difficult as possible to uncover, and put it in a Private and Confidential enveloppe and inter-office mail it to him ..hehe :) :)

The switching keys on the keyboard is a great trick. You guys might also want to try this - put clear tape on the underside of the victim's optical mouse. That way when your peers try to use their mouse, it wont' respond on the screen, or it will respond very slowly. :-)
Apr 02, 2009 @ 02:22 pm

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