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Best Customer Service Experiences

Ali de Bold

There are so many horrifying examples of bad customer service, but what about the good ones where someone goes above and beyond? This thread is in response to this one about bad experiences.

Recently I received some outstanding service from an employee at La Senza. Her name is Jen and she is from the New Market location. How did I end up dealing with someone in New Market when I live squarely downtown Toronto? It's all about a bra. This bra that I totally fell in love with and had to have. You can't see the back in the picture but it is a gorgeous black lace t-back. I needed this for a totally open back shirt. It turns out this bra was very popular because it was impossible to find in my size.

When I first tried it on (in the wrong size) at a downtown location, I asked if they could tell me which stores had it in my size. The sales person told me there was no way for her to check. Not on her computer, not on the phone... nothing. So I was left to do my own research. Online they didn't have my size either so I literally called every single store in the GTA trying to track it down. No one offered to look it up for me or help me find it, though I asked several times. I was really surprised that a major chain like La Senza wouldn't have a way to access the database and see which stores might have it in stock.

Finally as a last resort I called New Market on Monday morning, July 6th. Jen answered the phone and after checking her own stock informed that though she didn't have it, she had found it on the computer at another location. What?? I thought there was no way to look it up on the computer. Apparently there was all along.

She cheerfully offered to arrange for the other location to ship the bra to a location 5 minutes from my condo. She said she'd have to get them to make an exception because they don't normally do this, but she was pretty sure she could arrange it. She called me back in 5 minutes to tell me that it was a done deal and I could pick it up in 2 days.

That is good customer service.
Jul 16, 2009 @ 10:28 am

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Great thread!

This is a great thread! There are so many examples of crappy customer service, but not as many good ones.

Here's mine:

A few years back I had just started at a new job, and needed a pair of
black dress pants. I picked up a pair at Reitman's and a few weeks
later the seam on the back completely came apart.

I called up the location I'd bought them at and asked if I would be
able to exchange them for the same pair, which the really nice girl on
the phone said I could. I went over the next day and found out they did
not have that particular style anymore. One of the girls helped me find
a new pair, exchanged them even though I did not have my receipt AND
even though the new pair cost more than what I had paid originally, did
not charge me the difference.

I was really impressed.
Jul 17, 2009 @ 11:42 pm

Sometimes I think there's not enough threads like this

Most places like to say they can't look up other store stock because it would be too much of a hassle. I guess these are the stores that really don't care about customer service.

My experience was at a restaurant. Jungle Jims in Amherst, NS.

I live in Saint John, NB and I go to Jungle Jims all the time. The
service is average, what I expect from a restaurant, on most
occasions. One time, for a friends birthday, we had to wait 40 minutes
for our RESERVED table. Similar experiences like this make me
unwilling to make it a spot for my own birthday dinner.

However, on a trip coming home from Halifax, NS, myself and two friends
stopped at the Amherst, NS location for dinner before the long drive
back home. We got seated right away. There, we met Cathie. She was
amazing. It was fairly busy, but we got attention -- she always swung
by our table to ask us if we needed anything or if the food was
alright. And when it was time for dessert, and we asked for it to go
(Spiced Apple Burrito), she packed it up in separate containers (with
the ice cream and all), with three spoons in a large bag.

Comparing this to the usual service at the Saint John location makes it
seem so much better. I haven't been to any other locations so I'm not
sure whether the location in my city is mediocre, or if the Amherst
location is exceptional. But, hats off to Cathie. Next time I'm in
Amherst, I will definitely stop by again.
Sep 30, 2009 @ 10:31 am

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