Bridal shower for pregnant bride

on Sep 28, 2011 @ 06:52 pm

My friend is getting married. She just found out that she's also with child. So instead of a bachlorette we're having a bridal shower. What's an appropriate gift to give? Clearly giving the lingerie I meant to get her is sort of out of question now...
Any ideas? Should it be something baby related? I've never been to a shower, so I have no idea...

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Gifts for Baby or Bridal Shower? on Sep 29, 2011 @ 09:59 am

Do you know if this is going to be more of a bridal shower specifically or a combination of a bridal and baby shower? Do you know if her family/friends will be throwing her a baby shower later on?

Because if it is a bridal shower specifically and not a baby shower, have you considered making the shower all about her? You'll have time to get her something for the baby at a baby shower and she's going to be concentrating on that baby for the next few months so it might be nice to give her something that she can use to pamper herself- what about a spa certificate? If it is a baby/bridal shower then I think it would be more appropriate to get her something useful and necessary for the baby.

We had a great forum posting on baby shower gifts a little while a go, I suggest trying that out too for inspiration- check it out here.

Also, I read that you were going to get her lingerie, I wouldn't necessarily skip that option, it might feel a little weird buying maternity lingerie but pregnant ladies have sex too! It should be more tasteful lingerie than at a bachelorette party though!

find out from the source on Sep 29, 2011 @ 10:18 am

Find out from the person throwing the shower - mom of the bride? Best friend? They should know what the focus will be.

If you are the one throwing it (or part of a group of people planning it together), I would strongly recommend that you make this clear to the invitees. It's kind of a rip off to the bride to put 2 huge celebrations in one basket, just ask any kid whose birthday falls on Christmas.

If it is a combo event, consider either getting 2 smaller separate gifts (one wedding-related, one baby-related) or 1 larger gift that covers both bases, like a gift certificate to the store where she's registered (especially if they have both housewares AND baby gear).

I personally like to go in on a large gift with other people so that instead of getting a million small items, you can knock off the really big stuff - crib, washing machine, etc. Lots of other people will cover the onesies and salt/pepper shakers from the registries.

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